This Is Why Girls With Standards Always End Up Disappointed

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She ends up disappointed every time you take too long to answer a text. Every time you open her Snapchat without answering her back. Every time she dresses up for you and you forget to compliment her.

She ends up disappointed whenever she gets her hopes up and you let them come crashing down. When you make plans to see her, and then cancel them at the last second. When she showers and shaves to look good for you, and then finds out you’re going to hang out with someone else instead.

She ends up disappointed every time she’s hit in the face by reality, by the fact that you probably aren’t the right one for her. Every time you bash one of her favorite songs or shows. Every time you act like it’s a chore to make time for her. Every time you look at her like she’s crazy instead of laughing at her jokes.

And she’s not only disappointed in you. She’s disappointed in herself — for falling for you, for chasing after you, for believing you would be different.

She hates that she keeps ending up with toxic boys. Boys who don’t understand her, who don’t want to commit to her.

She feels like a failure, because no matter who she chooses to date, she eventually finds out that she made a mistake. That she went down the wrong path. Again.

She’s sick of the cycle. Finding someone she’s excited to get to know better, telling all of her friends about how wonderful he is, and then slowly realizing he wasn’t the guy she thought he was.

Of course, she’s not alone in her pain. Girls with standards always end up disappointed, because they aren’t comfortable settling. They want something serious. Something with the potential to last forever.

As soon as she realizes someone is causing more hurt then happiness, she starts thinking of escape plans. She might give him another chance — or maybe two or three — but eventually she comes to her senses and leaves him. She moves on. She goes searching for the person she belongs with, the person who she should have been with from the start.

Because she’s smart enough to know what she deserves. Respect. Honesty. Loyalty. Laughter. Time. Effort.

No matter how many boys disappoint her, she won’t let that become her norm, the way she expects to be treated. She keeps her standards high, as high as her hopes.

Right now, she might be doubting her future. She might feel like finding her forever person is an impossible dream.

She doesn’t know if she’ll ever find a boy who genuinly wants what she wants. She isn’t sure if she’ll ever find the relationship she’s been daydreaming about.

But she will. One day, she’ll find someone who tries his hardest to avoid disappointing her. Someone who goes above and beyond to make her smile. Someone who surprises her with how sweet and thoughtful he can be.

Someone who never lets her down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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