Love Isn’t Supposed To Hurt You Or Make You Question Yourself

Andrew Robles

Love is different. Read that statement carefully. Love is different. The boy you are crying over right now isn’t the person you are meant to be with. I know that pain all too well. Your mind makes you believe you love them. Maybe they were your first, maybe they were your best friend, who knows… It doesn’t matter honestly. You shouldn’t be sitting on your bed every night crying into a pillow so that your family doesn’t hear you. You should never feel like you weren’t good enough and that is why they left. Love isn’t painful like you think it is…

I thought I knew what love was before. My past exes were people I believed I ‘loved.’

I didn’t realize however, that love isn’t supposed to be a constant struggle for attention. Love isn’t scary and mentally hurtful. Love isn’t worrying about the other girls he’s texting (claiming they are just friends right?). Love isn’t thinking, ‘I hope he means what he says.’

Love isn’t worrying about being apart from them for weeks on end. (Weeks in my case… Which will become months as my boyfriend will be deployed soon…) Love isn’t asking him if you guys can actually go out and have fun for once. Love isn’t sad. Do you understand?

Love is beautiful. Love is pure and incredible. Love is struggling for air as he tackles you on the couch. Love is exciting and playful. Love is making sure he checks his phone even when you guys are busy in case his mom texts him and needs help with anything. Love is knowing he means every single word he says. Especially when he looks into your eyes and says that someday he’s going to marry you. Love is waiting for him to come home and still meeting him with a kiss you’ve been needing for what seems like forever. Love is feeling so exhausted from everything you are constantly doing where you just want to stay in bed together and watch movies all night long. Love is happy. Do you understand that?

There is someone else out there for you. They are waiting. You’re probably just thinking “Well, okay. So why can’t they just pop up in my life now? What are they waiting for?”

I will put it this way, he isn’t ready for you yet. God is busy building them into the perfect person you are meant to be with. So please, don’t settle for heartbreak when you deserve the absolute world. God is trying his best to give it to you, he just needs some time.

Don’t cry yourself to sleep because the person you “love” keeps breaking your heart over and over. Don’t manipulate your own mind into thinking you are the one who isn’t good enough. You are good enough, I promise. That stupid fool is the one who isn’t good enough. (And you can tell him I said that.) He NEVER deserved to have someone like you in his life. (You can tell him I said that too.)

Straighten your tiara princess and put that cry pillow down. You won’t be needing it when you find the one you are meant for. The person you are meant for will be there soon, just be patient. They are coming to save the day, and they will be there as soon as they can. They will love every single broken piece of you, they will help you pick all of those shattered parts up, and they will help build you into the even stronger person I know you are. They will be your hero.

You will know when you find the one. It’s a feeling unlike any other you have ever experienced. That is love. The feeling you haven’t seen just yet. You will know though when you truly find it. You will know instantly in your mind that “this is how it is meant to be.” Love is incredible. Love… is different.

Take it from me, it is hard to believe you will find someone else, someone “better.” Especially when you keep telling your mom, “There is no one better! He is the one I want to be with!” I told you, I know what it is like. You will understand though someday. You will move on. You will find “the one.” He’s waiting on you remember? He’s out there building himself into a hero you will look up to. He’s out there waiting to show you love… But more importantly… He’s out there waiting to show you that love is different. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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