I Think We Were Always Meant For Goodbye

Brannon Naito

You were the memories I knew I was going to miss as I was living them.

The conversations I’d have to get used to not having so often when that day came.
There was a time where we’d pick up right where we left off.
Now, these days I struggle to even say hello or know how to.

I want to ask how you’re doing.
But I don’t want to know the truth.
Because what if you say you’re better off without me.

I think back to us and how we used to be.
Certain moments engulfed by one another.
Where I love you hung for a while because it was true.
Where smiles were genuine.
And we never ran out of things to say.

Towards the end, I felt it.
Everything seemed forced and uncomfortable.
I was sitting there staring at someone who looked and sounded the same.
But I realized we were the ones to change in all of this.

Forever sounds like a silly word now.

If we weren’t meant to be.
And goodbye was written in our fate.
I would learn to cherish what was left.
It almost felt like we were the sand within an hourglass.
Just watching time run out.
Wishing I could flip it over and start again.

We were always meant for goodbye.
But I never regretted saying hello. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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