What Your Favorite Thought Catalog Writer Says About You: Part Two


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Chelsea Fagan

Ridiculously sarcastic and ever-so-slightly judgmental, you probably have an incredibly spot on and hilarious Twitter feed. You are the person who comes up with one liners that leave all of your friends slightly in shock with just how on point and funny they were, especially coming from someone as coifed as you. You never get less than triple digits on an instagram and have an eye roll that is practically a legend in and of itself.

Rob Fee

You were definitely voted “class clown” in high school and probably quoted Bo Burnham or Louis C.K. in your senior yearbook. While it absolutely goes without saying that you are 100% the funniest person in any room, you’ve got layers. You are probably a great listener and give some solid advice. Solid advice that is (of course) always followed by a joke, but solid none-the-less.

Becca Martin

You’ve probably been called a “free spirit” or a “wild child” from time to time, and that doesn’t bother you in the slightest. You’re always down for good friends, good times, and good stories. If it involves something completely bonkers like bungee jumping, you. are. in. You have no secrets because you tell them before anyone else can.

Michael Koh

It’s highly likely that you are a robot sent from the government to make everyone else feel incredibly unproductive. Still, you’re always here for a good doge meme.

Elias Witherow

When you watch horror movies, you root for the villain.

Lacey Ramburger

You’re so unbelievably kind that even the toughest, grumpiest, angriest person is softened when they’re around you. When you were little you probably did things like helped turtles cross the road and made sure baby birds found their way back to their moms if they fell out of the nest. It is highly likely that if you whistled outside of your window in the morning, little creatures would come and do your bidding. You are the personification of the classic ingénue but you’re so freakin’ sweet, no one can be annoyed by it.

Holly Riordan

You’ve probably been called a bad influence at least once, but who cares? Not you. You pay absolutely no attention to what anyone has to say and you just do you. You are the classic ‘chill’ girl and I for one, am extremely jealous.

Rona Vaselaar

You’re smarter than most people, but while you know that about yourself, you don’t feel the need to flaunt it. You were probably reading way above your grade level in school and had a vocabulary that honestly intimidated your teachers. You will probably end up doing something wildly impressive like winning a Pulitzer or discovering a new planet and when you’re profiled about it in Time, honestly no one will be surprised.

Lorenzo Jensen III

Your favorite website is Reddit. You’re only here because of Reddit. And after you’re done here, you’re going to go back to Reddit to talk about how much you love Reddit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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