These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Stay Friends With An Ex

What Each Zodiac Sign Hates About Their Twenties

  1. Aries

You hate that there’s so much pressure to enter a serious relationship and how people judge you if you’re single.


You hate that you barely have time to see your friends and have started to drift apart from them.


You hate that you spend most of your existence working and still have trouble saving up money.


You hate that half of your friends are getting married and buying houses and you still feel like you’re trying to find your way in the world.

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You hate that you still haven’t figured out what you want from this world even though other people your age are already living their dreams.


You hate that you’re starting to look older and are worrying more and more about wasting your youth.


You hate that you’ve become so cynical and feel like you can’t trust anyone the way you used to when you were younger and more innocent.


You hate that you’re loaded down with responsibilities and don’t have the freedom you took for granted when you were younger.


You hate how horrible hangovers feel and how long it takes you to get over them.


You hate feeling like you aren’t moving forward and are in the same exact place as when you were a teenager.


You hate how you never have time to relax. You’re always on the move and are always worried about something.


You hate your lack of a social life. It’s almost impossible to make new friends now that you’re older. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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