You Are Not Stupid For Falling For Him

You are not stupid for crying over him. He hurt you. He took away your innocence. He broke your optimism. He entered your world with a crash and left just as loudly. You need to release your emotions somehow. You have to let yourself feel because otherwise you will be as bad as him.

You are not stupid for believing the relationship was going to last. For telling all of your friends about him. For getting excited about what your future together might hold. You were letting yourself think positive. You took an optimistic stance for a change. You let yourself hope — and that is hard to do.

You are not stupid for remaining inside a one-sided relationship, even though you saw the red flags early on. The reason you stayed was because you thought you could make a difference. Because you believe in the benefit of the doubt and giving out chances. You are the queen of understanding. You have a cotton candy heart.

You are not stupid for falling for someone who was unable to give you what you deserved. You just took a step in the wrong direction. You moved toward someone with the outward appearance of a good guy instead of someone with the heart of a good guy. You made a mistake. Your emotions led you in the opposite direction than where you belonged.

You are not stupid for believing his lies. You thought he was trustworthy. You assumed you could rely on him. He was the one who broke your trust. He is the one who should be feeling bad about himself, not you. You see the best in others. You assume they are exactly who they claim they are. You have strong morals and you mistakenly believed everyone shared your tradition of honesty.

You are not stupid for wrongly assuming you found your forever person. You were in love with the idea of love. You wanted the relationship to work because you wanted to live happily ever after. You wanted to be done with first dates and profile swipes and unmet expectations because you are a secret romantic with a dream of settling down.

You are not stupid for growing attached so quickly. He treated you well at first. He took on the role of someone you should get to know. He manipulated you into developing feelings for him and then he took advantage of you once he could get what he wanted. He played you without your knowledge.

You are not stupid for missing him. Even though he was wrong for you, you still shared milestone moments. You went through a lot together. He meant something to you. You are allowed to replay memories inside of your head. You are allowed to debate texting him. You are allowed to miss someone who never deserved your affection in the first place.

You are not stupid for having your heart broken. You took a risk. You put yourself out there. You should be proud of yourself for giving love a chance instead of keeping yourself guarded. You should congratulate yourself for having so much courage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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