I Am Slowly Learning To Take Responsibility For My Shit

slowly learning
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I am slowly learning to own up to my mistakes. To apologize when I mess up instead of twisting the scenario inside my mind to make the other person into the bad guy. I am saying sorry more. I am explaining myself more. I am making sure conflicts become resolved instead of leaving them open-ended for eternity.

I am trying my best to see situations from points of view other than my own. I am taking a step back and examining things logically instead of immediately reacting with my heart. I am realizing my actions have consequences and I cannot be completely selfish. Even if it seems like everyone else in this world only cares about themselves, I should not follow in their footsteps. I should aim to do better. I should aim to stay kind.

I am slowly learning to take responsibility for my shit because the blame should not be placed elsewhere. Instead of complaining about how it’s unfair that I’m too broke to hang out with my friends, I am learning to budget my money better. Instead of whining about the pimples that have popped onto my cheeks, I am drinking more water and practicing better skin care and trying to take care of my body the way it has always deserved.

Moving forward, I am trying to find solutions to my problems instead of passively complaining about my problems. If there is a way for me to change an undesirable situation, then I am going to take action. I am going to stop procrastinating, because there is never going to be a good time to take a risk. There will always be an excuse to remain inside my comfort zone. But I am going to begin choosing happiness over comfort, because I am tired of my misery.

I am going to stop blaming the universe for my problems (even for the problems that are completely out of my control and could not have been avoided) because when I feel powerless, it squashes my motivation to make changes — and I am always in a position to make changes. They might be small. They might take more time than I would like. But they are within the realm of possibility.

No one else is going to take care of me. If I want something from this universe, I have to earn it myself. Nothing is going to get handed to me. My dreams are not going to magically come true overnight. I need to put in the hours. I need to put in the effort. I need to do my best every damn day, because slacking will only hurt myself.

I am slowly learning to make better choices that will benefit my body and my mental state, because what I do today will impact tomorrow, and I want to create a fulfilling future for myself. I have been disappointed by a million others in the past, but I refuse to disappoint myself. I am going to meet my own expectations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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