Your Forever Person Is Someone Who Makes You Feel Protected


Your forever person is someone who makes you feel comfortable. Someone who can hug the sadness out of you. Someone who can squeeze your hand and make you feel like everything is okay again.

When you’re with your forever person, you should feel like you are completely safe. Secure. Protected. You should feel like nothing bad is going to happen as long as you are together.

You should have an easier time falling asleep when your person is cuddling you at night.

You should have an easier time relaxing when your person is within reaching distance.

You should have an easier time making it through your most stressful days when your person is only a phone call away.

Your person is supposed to make you feel like you aren’t doing so bad in life. They are supposed to help you reach success and see your own beauty. They are supposed to bring out the best in you.

Your forever person is someone who gives you strength when you are starting to feel weak. Someone who convinces you that you’re capable of achieving anything you set your heart on. Someone who inspires you to reach your full potential because they know how talented you are, they know you’re worthy of any dreams you can imagine.

Your forever person is someone who makes you feel comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations. When you attend a party, you know it will be okay because your person will keep you close and calm you down when you get nervous. When you have surgery, you know it will be okay because they won’t leave your side until you are healthy again.

No matter what, they will be there to encourage you. To make sure you aren’t scared. To make sure you never feel alone.

Your forever person is someone who makes you feel comfortable expressing your emotions. You can talk to them about the problems you’ve been having in your relationship and how to fix them. You can talk to them about your sex life. Your work life. Your parents. Your exes. Nothing is off limits because they want to hear it all.

Even if the conversation is hard to handle, they are happy to have it because it means you trust them enough to open up with them. They would never silence you. They would never act like your emotions are a burden. They would never accuse you of being annoying or ask you to stop talking so much.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to walk on eggshells around your person to avoid pissing them off. You shouldn’t have to censor your words because they will freak out if you say the slightest thing wrong. You should feel free to express yourself to them. You should feel free to be yourself around them.

Your forever person is someone who puts effort into making sure you feel safe and secure. Someone who gives you every little piece of them. Someone who makes you feel like you are exactly where you belong. TC mark

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