She Doesn’t Rely On Anyone Else Anymore

A girl who doesn't rely on anyone else
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She doesn’t rely on anyone else because over time she has learned the only person she can truly depend on is herself. Other people have the potential to let her down. Other people have their own best interests at heart. Other people do not care about her as much as they claim.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is no stranger to disappointment. She has gotten excited over plans that never happened. She has been given promises that were ultimately broken. She has thought someone was on her side before they turned against her. She has assumed someone loved her before they abandoned her.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, so if she wants something done the right way she might as well do it herself. She might as well carry the burden. She would rather do all of the work herself than have her future hinge on whether or not someone else follows through on their promises.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she realizes her worth. She is aware she does not need anyone else to guide her toward her goals. If she works her hardest, she can buy a house on her own. She can dry her tears on her own. She can reach her dreams on her own. She is entirely independent.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she has tried that before and it never worked out well for her. She ended up looking forward to a future that never happened. She ended up hating herself for getting excited over something before it turned into a reality.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she would rather take control of her own life. She doesn’t want to let her mood depend on someone else. She doesn’t want to put her happiness in their hands. She is done giving other people power over her when they are only going to abuse it. She is finished playing nice.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is tired of having her heart broken. She hates when she has a clear vision of the future inside her head and someone destroys it. She hates when her day is ruined because of someone else. She hates when there is nothing she can do except stand by and feel herself crumble.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she doesn’t want to feel like she owes them anything. She doesn’t want them to hold the nice things they’ve done for her over her head. She would rather reach success on her own. She would rather say she did it all by herself.

She doesn’t rely on anyone else because she is sick of getting screwed over. She is done trusting other people when they have a habit of hurting her. She would rather be on her own than surround herself with people who are going to lie to her. She would rather take on the world by herself than take the risk of relying on others. TC mark

The truth is that you can be struggling and still be loved.

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