Love Is Unfair

A girl in love
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It’s not fair how you can be brave enough to wear your heart on your sleeve and then get screwed over for it.

It’s not fair how someone you did everything for can decide you still didn’t do enough.

It’s not fair how someone who doesn’t deserve your love can make you feel like you are the problem, like you did something wrong, like you have to work on yourself if you ever want to find happiness.

It’s not fair how you can text back and forth with someone for weeks and then, completely out of the blue, they can stop answering your messages as if you never meant anything to them in the first place.

It’s not fair how someone can lead you on for months, and the second you ask them about taking your relationship to the next level, they finally decide to tell you they aren’t interested in dating at the moment.

It’s not fair when you keep getting used for sex over and over again, even though all you want is something real. Even though you aren’t really asking for much at all.

It’s not fair when you fall completely in love with someone who does not feel the same way about you.

It’s not fair how you can spend years getting to know a person, growing alongside a person, and then have the relationship crumble for the dumbest reason. It’s not fair when you have to throw history away because there is no way to move forward with them any further.

It’s not fair when you finally learn how to trust another person and then get screwed over by them in the end.

It’s not fair when you open up your heart after keeping it locked away for so much time and then realize you took a chance on the wrong person.

It’s not fair when you fight tooth and nail for a relationship and the other person gives up without thinking twice.

It’s not fair when you put a shit-ton of effort into a one-sided love.

It’s not fair when the person you believed would stay with you forever decides to walk away without even giving you an explanation.

It’s not fair how someone can disappear from your world without giving you closure.

It’s not fair how someone can break your heart in half, even though you deserved better.

It’s not fair how you can put so much time and effort into a person and they can walk away at any time, holding your memories, holding your secrets. It’s not fair how they can create a new life for themselves without feeling guilty about leaving you, even though you still feel guilty over the stupid little things you’ve done to them. It’s not fair how they can move on so easily when you are stuck carrying baggage they brought you. It’s not fair when you’re the only one whose heart is broken.

It’s not fair when you think there is something wrong with you, even though you deserve the world. TC mark

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