Girls Who Come From Divorced Homes Actually End Up The Happiest

A girl from a divorced home
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Girls who come from divorced homes are skeptics. They have seen firsthand how love can destroy a family. They have doubts about whether they are going to get married themselves — whether they even want to get married themselves — and that is why they end up the happiest.

They have high standards and morals they are unwilling to compromise. They know the signs of an unhealthy relationship, so they keep a lookout for red flags. They refuse to let themselves get sucked into a relationship based on fighting and lying and cheating. They refuse to become the embodiment of the thing that brought them so much pain as children.

Girls who come from divorced homes are okay with the idea of being single. They have seen how unhappy two mismatched people can become, so they would rather be alone than in a relationship where they feel alone.

They aren’t under the impression that marriage and happiness go hand-in-hand. In fact, they tend to believe the opposite. They steer away from forming romantic relationships, because they don’t want to waste their time unless the person is one-hundred percent worth it.

Girls who come from divorced homes never want to get divorced themselves. It takes them a long time to open up to someone, because they are inherently cynical. They prepare themselves for disappointment from the start. They assume their chemistry is only temporary.

Girls who come from divorced homes never dive into relationships before getting to know the other person wholly. It takes them a while to commit. They want to know they are not wasting their time before they dedicate their loyalty to one person in particular.

They saw how much trouble their parents had going through the divorce and selling the house and dividing their assets, so they don’t want to get serious with someone unless they have faith the relationship will be long-lasting. They want to know the person is worth the trouble.

However, once they find someone who goes above and beyond their expectations, they will fight for the relationship. They will do anything within their power to keep the love alive. They will make sure that you know how much they care about you, because they never want their emotions to go unchecked. They never want you to question how they feel. They never want to repeat the mistakes their parents made.

Girls who come from divorced homes understand their worth is not tied up in their relationship status. They realize their forever person is not going to complete them — but if they happen to find such a person, they are going to give them a chance. They aren’t going to let their parents’ baggage trickle down to them. They are going to be brave enough to give love a shot.

Girls who come from divorced homes know their relationship might not last forever. That is why they are only going to take a chance on someone they believe is worth the risk. Someone who they will never regret loving, even if it ends in flames. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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