11 Types Of Unhealthy Relationships That Will Completely Ruin Your Life

Unsplash, Aidan Meyer
Unsplash, Aidan Meyer

1. When you like him more than he likes you. You can’t be the only one initiating phone calls and planning out dates. You can’t be the only one putting in effort. It takes two to form a healthy relationship.

2. When he tries to control you. You get to decide what to wear and whom you’re friends with. You get to decide how much make-up you apply and how many beers you’ll drink. He shouldn’t be under the assumption that he’s the boss of you.

3. When he expects you to give up everything for him. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your career dreams and move away from your family, just to make him happy. You deserve to be happy, too.

4. When he cheats on you. Do you really want to wonder if he’s in someone else’s bed when it takes him a little too long to come home from work or answer a text? If you know he’s a cheater, you should also know you deserve better.

5. When he really hates himself. If he’s turned to drugs or self-harm, then you can be there to support him, but you can’t save him. He has to save himself. If he doesn’t seem like he’s willing to change anytime soon, you might have no choice but to leave.

6. When he won’t commit. Don’t drive yourself crazy by trying to convince him to move in with you or officially call you his girlfriend. If he wanted to do those things, he would. If he refuses to, then he’s no good for you.

7. When you’re not a priority. If he hangs out with his friends seven days a week and doesn’t even think about turning down overtime at work, then he might not have enough room for you in his life. If you never see him, what’s the point in dating him?

8. When he physically hurts you. Slapping you isn’t okay. Backing you up against a wall during a fight isn’t okay. Forcefully grabbing you isn’t okay. Physical abuse is never okay.

9. When you fight every single day. Couples fight. It happens. But it shouldn’t be happening on the daily. If you’re staying up until 2 AM to have screaming matches instead of deep conversations, something’s beyond wrong.

10. When he calls you psycho. He shouldn’t belittle your feelings. He shouldn’t call you crazy, so he doesn’t have to take your criticism seriously. He should respect you and your opinion, whatever it may be.

11. When he doesn’t even feel like a boyfriend. If you barely talk to him, let alone see him (unless he’s dropping by for sex), then your relationship isn’t much of a relationship now is it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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