She Doesn’t Want To Date You, She Just Wants To Sleep With You

A girl who wants to sleep with you

She hates how boys assume she wants a relationship whenever she gives them a little bit of attention. She hates how flirting with them makes them think she is desperate to be their girlfriend.

She isn’t afraid to text first, to ask the other person out first, or to lean in for a kiss first. She listens to what her body tells her, so she accidentally comes off as clingy when she is the complete opposite. She isn’t making moves because she is obsessed with them, because she is overly attached, because she is dying to date them.

She just doesn’t want to waste her time waiting by a phone for someone to call, so she takes initiative. She does the dirty work herself. She isn’t afraid of going after what she wants.

If she is attracted to someone, then she is going to follow them on social media, like their posts, and strike up a conversation. She is going to ask them to hang out in person, buy a round of drinks, and sit a little too close until their bodies are touching. She is going to chase after what she wants.

She isn’t looking for a relationship. She only wants to have a little bit of fun. But no one seems to understand that. They assume she must be looking for something more because she is a girl and girls are supposed to settle down.

Her friends all complain about almost relationships and one-night stands, but those things aren’t bad if that’s what you’re looking for — and that’s what she’s looking for. No strings. No pressure. Some casual fun.

She wants someone who she can text when she is feeling lonely. Someone who will be there for her when she needs an escape from the stress of her everyday life.

Of course, she doesn’t want to lead anyone on. She doesn’t want to give them the wrong idea. She doesn’t want to string them along and then break their hearts.

She wants to be honest from the start, but even when she explains her intentions clearly, most boys don’t believe she is telling the truth. They think she is only saying that to appear chill or to save her heart from breaking a second time.

The truth is, she isn’t staying away from relationships because she is scared to love again. Because she had a bad relationship in the past and is terrified of history repeating itself. Because her trust issues are keeping others at an arm’s length.

She genuinly doesn’t have the time or the energy or the desire to date right now. She has too much work to do. Too many other things to focus on. She doesn’t want to enter a relationship, because she wouldn’t be able to give a boyfriend the attention he needs right now. She is too busy focusing on herself.

She only wants to have some fun, but most boys assume she is interested in something more. Most boys assume they know what she is thinking before she has the chance to tell them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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