MTV’s Nessa Has Flat Out Denied A Contestant Used A Racial Slur On ‘The Challenge’

The Challenge

Camila Nakagawa from MTV’s Dirty Thirty: The Challenge XXX called her castemate and fellow competitor Leroy Garrett the n-word. The entire cast has agreed that Camila used the N-word during her argument with Leroy.

Tonight MTV aired a special about “racial bias” where the host Nessa felt comfortable covering up the networks culpability and further covering up a situation in which a white contestant on an MTV show called a black contestant the n-word.

The fact that an MTV paid host has flat out said this did not happen is extremely troubling. Fans of the show want to discuss Camila’s breakdown. Denying what she said only makes the argument that the show has racist issues seem like people are “overreacting.”

For her part, Nessa seems proud of the denial ???


Why would MTV have a conversation about “racial bias” without acknowledging the extentof the argument they are talking about? Why would MTV deny that the conversation involved racial slurs????

This argument could have been a point where people could have a conversation about the role race plays in casting on MTV shows, and the role race plays in America. It could have been a conversation about Leroy’s reaction to Camila’s racial slurs and the expectation placed on poc to have the “ideal” reaction Leroy displayed (to his credit) on the show. What is fucked up is that instead of addressing these issues, MTV wants to deny they happened.

There is no reason that a factual account of the argument should not exist. If a cast member of an MTV reality show says racially charged insults to another cast member, that information should be available to the public. It’s very problematic that MTV continues to obscure this information from fans. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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