I Deserve More

I Deserve More
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I’m not bitter. I also haven’t lost my faith in love.

It’s just that, after all the heartbreaks I’ve been through, all the failed relationships I’ve had, and all the ties that broke apart, a lot of questions have formed inside my mind.

Why say I love you when you’re not sure if what you feel is true?

Why say you’ll stay when you’ll leave when you see the depth of my scars?

Why say you’ll be there when you’ll run away the moment you witness how my demons eat me alive?

Why say you accept me for who I am when you’ll just judge the way I see the world and all the cruelties that lie in it?

Why say you’ll take care of me, when you’ll be nowhere in sight when I need you the most?

Why promise me forever, when I’ll just end up leading you towards the door?

You see, I am not bitter; in fact, I am tired of failed and empty promises. I haven’t lost my faith in love because I know that he’s still out there; the one who’s meant for me, the one who won’t make me ask these queries anymore because I would also never have to question how real his feelings are for me.

I am not bitter, I am waiting. I am not bitter.

I just know I deserve more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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