Wendy’s and MoonPie Started Flirting With Each Other On Twitter And It’s The Sweetest Love Story You’ll Ever Read

Flickr / Mike Mozart, Flickr / SpaceUp Houston and Twitter / @MoonPie

My favorite part of social media is how it let’s you interact with your favorite figureheads and brands so that you feel just a little more involved in the things you love. Luckily for us, humor is all the rage online, which means all your favorite stores and restaurants are dragging each other on Twitter and trolling each other on Facebook. But this is something I didn’t see coming: brand flirtationships???

It all started when MoonPie, the delightful chocolate and marshmallow snack cake, tweeted a pretty sweet message to fast food powerhouse Wendy’s.

Well, that’s pretty random. But Wendy’s is also known for their hilarious (and savage) social media presence, so you know it didn’t take long for them to jump on that bandwagon.

Pretty cute, right? And it just keeps getting cuter (and punnier).

And then, okay, it got a little weird.

And weirder?

People were intrigued by the strange new friendship (flirtationship?), but they weren’t sure MoonPie was on Wendy’s level yet.

But personally, I think it’s a nice change of pace to see two brands getting along and being cute together. You’ve got to admit, it’s weirdly endearing.

Hey, still a better love story than Twilight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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