37 People Describe That One ‘Weird Family’ On Their Block

16. The mom who kept telling her daughter she needs to dress sluttier.

“I know a woman who was a manager at the restaurant my wife worked at who was living through her 13-year-old girl to an extreme level. The girl would come up to the restaurant from school and her mom would trash her for how shitty her makeup was and ask her how she expected to get Brent or Jason or whoever looking like that. 90% of what she talked about with coworkers was her daughter’s school drama; she would read her texts, give her strategies and things to say, etc. Always trashing her appearance or telling her she needed to dress sluttier before going to the football game and weird shit like that. Talked about how she encouraged boys coming over and how she liked to spy/eavesdrop, and with a twinkle of pride, told us how she walked in daughter’s room recently and found her coming out from under the covers in her bed this boy was in, right in the middle of a possible BJ.”


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