13 Men On The One Thing They Wish All Women Knew About Giving Head

Wondering what real women are dying for dudes to know about the art of cunnilingus? Check out 13 Women On The One Thing They Wish All Guys Knew About Oral Sex for all the dirty deets!
Twenty20, rgags
Twenty20, rgags

1. “It’s like anything else with sex — I’m more into it if she’s more into it.”

— Amar, 21


2. “If you can use your mouth to create a vacuum force equal to that of a Dyson while simultaneously keeping it wetter than a tsunami in Bikini Bottom, you will definitely be able to pleasure any man.”

— Jackson, 23


3. “Don’t be afraid to yank on it.”

— Oscar, 25


4. “I feel like women think they’ve gotta go ham on my dick to make me cum. Not the case. I like a slow burn.”

— Luis, 22


5. “Less hands, more mouth. Always.”

— Kyle, 24


6. “Don’t act like you’re in a porno. Contrary to what you’ve seen, choking and gagging is not very hot. In fact, it’s often somewhat disturbing.”

— Wolfgang, 23


7. “Take off your damn rings.”

— Ray, 19


8. “Give my balls some love. It’s not a blowjob till the whole crew is involved.”

— Mac, 21


9. “Swallowing never hurts.”

— Howe, 23


10. “My girlfriend likes to put my hands on the back of her head when she’s going down on me. I fucking love that.”

— Lucas, 25


11. “I don’t wanna say ‘please let me face-fuck you,’ but I do love a woman who’s down for me to move my hips.”

— Olin, 22


12. “Patience is a major key. If I’m taking a while to come, it doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job at all. It generally takes longer than sex.”

— Winston, 20


13. “Eye contact is huge. Doesn’t seem that easy, but if you can pull it off, bravo.”

— Nico, 27 TC mark

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