37 People Describe That One ‘Weird Family’ On Their Block

10. The dad who forced his son to kneel and ‘speak the words.’

“I remember it was when Euro 2004 happened. I went to a friend’s house for a sleepover. I was 12 years old then….His dad was there, though. I never liked this man. Anyway, he welcomed us with the most unwelcoming manner, like he hated to have me for sleepover. We proceeded to his room and played on his PS2. After half an hour, his dad enters the room and says, ‘OK I think it’s about time, Michael’ (my friend).

So Michael sits up and unplugs the PS2 and hands it to his father, who takes it and places it on top of a high shelf. Then the dad makes a hug gesture, like welcoming Michael to hug him, saying ‘speak the words’ and Michael hugs his father saying ‘thanks, father, for reminding me to be moderate with distractions from the real life.’

The hug ends, he nods us to go to sleep. I went to sleep totally weirded out due to the happening, and ‘cause my child brain back then felt bad for playing PS2 like it was bad.

The next morning we wake up, eat and greet his mother who was there. Michael goes to his father and knees before him and says, ‘please father can I be distracted for a while?’ His mother was making coffee like it was totally normal to have her son kneel in front of her husband and beg for his joy as if it was a sin. His father looks at me, then to Michael, and goes and brings down the PS2 like it was the worst thing he had to do.

I didn’t even touch the controller. I was totally uncomfortable in there.

Never sleepovered there again.



I totally had a tearful reunion with my room when I returned. Like it was the most sacred place in the world.

I even hugged my PS2.”


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