10 Listicles I Wish Someone Would Write

I’ve been sucked into the list-writing phenomenon. The only problem is I get so many ideas that I don’t have time (and by “don’t have time” I mean “I’m too lazy” ) to write them all. Below are some ideas I would love to see someone take on and bring to life!

  1. 10 Ways To Not Save Time For People Without A Busy Lifestyle
  2. 10 Ways To Stop Your Boyfriend From Losing Weight Faster Than You
  3. 10 Ways Guys Who Say They Don’t Want You To Change Who You Are, Get You To Change Who You Are
  4. 10 Things To Do When You Get Home Instead Of Eating Everything In Your Fridge
  5. 5 Reasons The Best Things In Life AREN’T Really Free
  6. 10 Reasons It’s OK To Stay In A Relationship (Even If You Know It’s Going To End)
  7. 10 Ways To Trick Your Girlfriend Into Becoming Hotter
  8. 10 Reasons Men Get A Mistress
  9. 5 Reasons Why You Always Want To Sleep With Your Boyfriend’s Best Friend
  10. 5 Emotions You Can Either Let Consume You Or Fuel You

If you read this and have someone in mind for a specific article, let him or her know and challenge them to write it. Please send it to me and Thought Catalog.

Brianna West, Chrissy Stockton, Koty Neelis, Ella Ceron, and Melanie Berliet, I’d like to see you tackle these!

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