You’re Allowed To Walk Away When They Don’t Deserve You

You’re Allowed To Walk Away When They Don’t Deserve You
Henri Pham

You have to accept that no matter how big your love for them is, they can’t love you back. They just can’t, but it doesn’t mean you are unlovable. The problem is not in you; they just can’t appreciate real love.

You have to move on. Don’t dwell on the idea that there is something wrong with you. Don’t feel useless and inadequate because they can’t love you back. You are worthy of attention, care, and appreciation, and they are just too blind to see your worth. They are just too shallow and won’t bother to see and respect your feelings. You gave it all, but for them it still is not enough, and that is okay. If you don’t feel it is not okay, just pretend.

Have courage to leave them. There are more people who deserve your attention and the great love you have given.

Leaving them will lessen the agony of pain. You are doing your own sake. You have to let them go because they are causing destruction to you mentally and emotionally. They don’t know what you are going through every night and day.

Before you start the day, you have them in your mind. You worry all day if they are okay; you even pray for their safety and health. After your tiring day, even if you wanted to take a rest, before going to sleep you do a self-inventory. You reflect on how your actions affect their feelings or behavior. When night comes and you’re about to sleep, even if your feeble body wants to lie in bed, you are still up monitoring their activities online. You even message them because at the back of your mind, you’re wondering if they’re dealing with problems. It is your way to reach out to them.

No matter what good things you have done for them, they don’t care. They just don’t. They perceived you as weak because of your kindness or maybe they don’t see you as kind. For them, you are nothing. They don’t value you, but don’t feel sad about it.

Accept and move on. Love, after all, is not something to be asked for; it must be given freely. When you love, don’t expect that you will receive the same love that you have given. You are loving people because you have the capacity to do so. You are loving them because you think they need it most without knowing that you have lessened your self-worth by loving them too much. You gave your value, but they devalue your efforts.

You love hard. You surrender yourself to the idea that your love for them is enough to save their lost soul. While saving them, you slowly drown from the pain they have caused. They ignore you. They mistreated you. They disrespect your feelings. They don’t like you despite of the love you have shown to them. You’ve sacrificed, yet the price they have given is pain.

Even if you are hurting, you tried to continue loving them. You continue fighting for them even if many have said that you shouldn’t get too attached. You choose them more than anything although there are many who deserve the kind of love you are giving. You believe that someday they will recognize and realize that no one can give the same love you have for them.

You are trying to heal them. You want to fix their brokenness. Along the process, you are slowly cracking into pieces. You forgot that you are also fragile. You also need care and love.

Fear is what you feel whenever you think that you will lose them. But for them, they don’t fear losing you. Instead, they are secretly hoping that you have to disappear for good. They are more happy seeing you frustrated and hopeless. Hapless as you are, you are the loser in the game that they trapped. If you recognized it before, maybe you will not be hurt so much. Don’t worry and carry the burden alone. You will forget everything in time and some day you will able to see that your love for them has taught you something about love.

So you must to stop now. Start fixing what still left in you. Walk away and leave them because you also have feelings to protect. You must accept that there are people like them who can’t see real love.

Walk away and leave while you still have the time. While there are pieces still left in you. Start again. When you start you have to refresh your past. You have to forget the past in which they belonged. Stop crying at night. Stop worrying about them. Stop thinking of them. Stop dreaming and hoping that they can change. Stop injecting them in your mind. You always have them in your thoughts, although they are not thinking of you.

You deserve people who have courage to say sorry or make an apology for disrespecting your feelings, intentionally or unintentionally. You deserve people who appreciate you despite of your flaws and imperfections. You deserve to be loved because you are lovable.


Stop giving your time to the wrong people who don’t love you back. Start walking away, because they don’t deserve you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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