Boys, Stop Looking For Perfect Girls, Look For The Girl Who Makes Your World Perfect

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Perfect Girls

The lesson today, gentlemen, is that perfection doesn’t exist.

That’s right…

We’re all looking for love. We all want that one special person in our life that loves and adores us no matter what. We all want someone to experience the world with, someone to share our life with, and someone to hold us when we need reassurance.

The trouble is, some want something else…perfection!

Many think that “perfect girls” are the ones whose body is shaped like an hourglass.

But let me remind you that, that form of beauty will deteriorate as the days, months and years pass.

For some guys that could be physical perfection. Some men won’t date any woman who isn’t a stick thin supermodel. For other men it could be financial perfection. They’ll only date financially independent women. Other guys want emotional perfection. The moment they sense a woman has some kind of baggage, they run away like scared schoolboys.

If you spend your life looking for perfection, you’re going to be on your own for a long time. And some guys just don’t get it. They do all the hard work getting themselves an amazing woman, and then blow it when something spooks them.

Stop looking for “perfect girls” but look for the girl that makes your world perfect.

A perfect girl who you think is the most beautiful girl you have ever met. Someone who has changed you and made me a better person. She will be your cheerleader and encourage you to chase after your goals and dreams. She has the best sense of humor out of everyone you know, and she has the greatest personality that can brighten your day at the click of a button.

She will be your encouragement after bad days and the first one to congratulate you after good days. Her smile can make you smile every time you see it even when you are just not in the mood to speak to anyone. You will quickly notice how much less stressful your daily commute is when you find yourself smiling for no reason every time you think of her.

A perfect girl will help you see yourself how she sees you, in your best light. She will help you recognize the wonderful things about yourself that she sees, and you may not. She has a body that you love no matter if she is skinny or fat. You find her eyes to be the most beautiful out of everyone else’s.

She is the type of girl where you don’t have the struggle to not stare at her body. Her face is the part of her body that you believe is the most important part and you believe you should stare at all times. To you she is so special because you care so much about her that even you find it crazy sometimes.

There are plenty of potential “perfect girls” out there, but you should look for someone who understands you. Someone who sees the real you. This is the hardest thing to find in life and arguably the most beautiful.

That is the true definition of a perfect girl.

Even if she’s the most beautiful creature on the planet, she has money, and she’s an amazing person, shit is going to go wrong. That’s just the way life is. If you’re going to run the moment anything goes wrong, then you’re going to spend forever spinning your wheels.

It’s time to step up to the mark gentlemen. If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing girl, you need to realize the grass isn’t always greener. The next shiny long-legged toy you see walking down the street may have an amazing ass, but she also has issues. We all do. It’s life. Stop looking for perfection. You may get pretty damn close to it, but you’ll never find it completely.

But one thing is for certain – when you find the perfect girl for you, there will be nothing you can’t accomplish. TC mark

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