To The Girls Who Fearlessly And Beautifully Love Too Much

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Kyle Head

To all you girls who love too much: you are the warriors, the dreamers, the ones who understand how to live life to the fullest.

People will always tell you that you love wrongly. That you are too willing to trust in the best intentions of others. That you reveal too much of yourself too soon, that you don’t retain the mystery that make boys want to chase you. People on the sidelines will see you return, time and time again to the edge of the platform, waiting for that train to roll into the station, and swinging aboard even though it never seems to take you to the right destination.

But no matter how many wrong trains you catch, you return to that station after every failed attempt. You try, and that is what makes you special.

People will laugh at you for getting excited when that boy you gave your number to at the dance club texts you later that night. They will tell you that he is looking for a booty call, that he has no interest in anything more than a casual fling. When you refuse to be weighed down by their negativity, they shake their heads and call you naïve. They warn you that you need to ease into a new relationship, that boys are not to be trusted, that you are not playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

Is love a game? you ask, only half-listening. Because you are not the type of girl who believes in playing games with a man’s heart. You have never been the one to withdraw at the last moment, to be a playful tease. No, you understand what a precious gift it is to be given insight into the thoughts and feelings of someone else. Why would you take that gift and treat it lightly? Why would you gamble with the chance of finding something real, of making a soul connection? Why would anyone?

The boys who you fall for will shake their heads and back away the moment you start to show more interest in them than they showed in you. It’s not natural for a girl to be so forward, they’ll think, and they stop answering your texts and let your calls go straight to voicemail.

When you text them asking to meet up for coffee, they dawdle and hem and haw, preferring to initiate but not to follow through. You wait for hours and hours turn into days and days turn into endless weeks, but the boys you fell for disappear into ether. Before you could show them your beautiful soul, they turned tail and fled.

Because how could they possibly hold onto a flame as singular and piercingly beautiful as you? How could they ever measure up to you, and to your ability to love?

To the girls who love too much, please don’t ever change. In your quest for that one true love, you are spreading your light far and wide, instead of holding back.

Your only crime is that you care, that you understand that in order to receive love, you must be able to give love.

You pour your love into every boy you fall for, but they are unprepared to capture it. They are pale imitation jewelry to your twenty-four-carat gold.

We girls who love too much know how much it takes for a boy to measure up to our standards. We know that we are picky as to who we choose to love, even when other people think we are too open, too innocent, too eager to rush into a relationship. To the boys we choose to open up to, don’t underestimate us. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that we are too soft, too childlike, too vulnerable. Because we are far stronger than you realize. We have the ability to love, that is a rare and beautiful magic.

To love too much is far better a crime than to love too less.

At the end of the day, we retain our optimism, and hope for a better tomorrow, and that is why the girls who love too much are the girls who find true love one day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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