Your Faith Plants A Seed

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I’ll never forget a sermon I heard about seeds of faith. I was in middle school, and our leader was standing up front, his arms gesturing wildly, talking about how every moment of faith shared with us, or shared by us plants a seed—meaning the stories of God’s love we hear from others, or tell others, will take root somewhere in our souls.

And one day, when we least expect, or when we need those stories the most, they will come to us in memory—the seeds of faith growing a foundation within us.

I was fascinated. He went on to ask us whether we’d ever had a moment where we randomly remembered something from our past that comforted us—whether a kind word from a loved one, a verse, a quote. As he talked I thought about how, in some of my moments of frustration, I found calm in thinking of something so random, something I hadn’t even remembered learning.

And how incredible is that?

In that moment I realized the true power of faith. Sometimes we share things with people that seem so inconsequential, but can later make a huge impact. And vice versa. Which means that the things we say, the stories we have, the love we give—that changes people’s hearts. Even if we might not see that change right away.

As people of faith, we have the power to positively influence the world.

When we share our love for God, when we give to others without holding back, when we put our heart out there, we demonstrate the beauty of Christianity. We reflect what it means to love like Jesus. We point people to our Creator. We plant seeds.

There are a few wonderful women who have influenced my life; one, whom I didn’t know would shape me until she was gone. It’s funny because when she was alive we weren’t as close. But now that she’s passed, I hear her voice in my head. When I start to make foolish decisions, I’m reminded of her face. I encounter things and start thinking of her, of the passion she had for Christ, of the way she’s unconsciously shaped me, even though she’s no longer alive.

Her love planted a seed.

When she told me the Bible stories, when she explained her journeys around the world as a missionary, when she chided me for being selfish towards my little sister, at age six I thought it all went over my head. I wasn’t focused on her words; I didn’t take note of her truth.

But now, years later, those seeds have grown. Now, my life has changed because of what she shared with me almost twenty years ago. Those were seeds, planted within me, shaping how I live and love today, and always.

So whether you know it or not, your words have value, your stories carry meaning, your heart brings truth. You may feel like you’re not doing anything of importance, like you’re not making an impact no matter how hard you try—but you are, you will.

Your faith changes lives—lives of family members, friends, strangers who you speak to for a fleeting moment. You can make a difference by talking about your love for Christ, by showing who He is and has the power to be for anyone who accepts Him in.

Though you may feel insignificant, you matter. Though you think your stories are falling on closed ears, they’re heard. Though you’re tired of tying to battle for God in a world that continually pushes Him out, you’re laying a foundation of faith that will surface for that person when the time is right.

Don’t lose hope. Your words, your heart, your shared faith is taking root in a someone’s soul. And in time God will grow something beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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