A Prayer For The Days You Feel Insignificant

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Dear God,

Today I feel so small. I feel my worries crashing in on me; I feel my insecurities ringing loud in my head as if there’s a bell being slammed against the side of my brain. I feel tired. I feel lost. I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders and I can’t seem to shake it.

Father, I’m struggling, and I need your guidance.

I look around and I see so much pain, so much suffering—people I love, people I know, strangers on the street—and I can’t help but feel so small. I can’t help but put my own worries into perspective. I can’t help but feel like my prayers are purposeless.

Because why would you waste a single minute on my tiny worries when there are so many people in need? Why would you care about me when there are far greater problems in the world than mine?

I feel insignificant. I feel like my small voice can’t make a difference. I feel like my thoughts are irrelevant when it comes to the ebb and flow of this huge world.

I want to have confidence in myself. I want to be strong. I want to know that I’m here for a reason, even if I haven’t fully discovered it yet. But I don’t know how.

I feel so small, God. So small compared to you, compared to the people around me who seem to have it all together, compared to the people who are broken by far worse than I’ve ever experienced.

Where is my place in all of this?

All I know is that when I feel small, I must turn to you. Because your love is big, God. Far bigger and greater and stronger than I will ever be.

Father, right now I just ask for you to reach out to me. Hold me in the palm of your hand and remind me that no matter how tiny I feel—I am still loved by you. Remind me that when I lose faith, I am still not out of your reach.

Encourage me when I feel small. Show me that I am worth it, that I am capable, that my problems may be miniscule in comparison to the rest of the world, but to you, they matter. They will always matter.

Remind me that I can always turn to you—in moments of weakness and despair, triumph and glory, confusion and stress. Show me that your door is always open, that you always have a listening ear.

Remind me that even on the days when I feel so lost or small, you are standing beside me, showing me that in your eyes, I am powerful. I am strong. I am worthy.

I’m sorry for doubting your presence, for assuming that you aren’t here for me, even if my worries feel insignificant. I’m sorry for thinking that who I am and what I fear isn’t important to you, because I know you love all your children.

God, please be with those who need blessings more than I do. But please encourage me, too. Help me to remember how fortunate I am, but that I can always come to you when I forget or need to be grounded in my faith again.

Thank you for reminding me of my worth, and who I am in your arms.

Guide me today, and help me to be an example of your light.

In your name I pray,
Amen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa Donnelly is a poet and author of the book, Somewhere on a Highway, available here.

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

Keep up with Marisa on Instagram, Twitter, Amazon and marisadonnelly.com

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