She’s Not A Perfect Girl But She’ll Love You Perfectly

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She’s not the perfect girl who will catch your eye at first sight.

She doesn’t epitomize the perfection of beauty you see on Instagram. The one with the glowing skin, endless legs, and the breath-taking beauty that turns your head from a mile away. She isn’t oozy with smoky charm that captivates your imagination or fills you with an almost curiosity to get to know her. She isn’t sophisticated and well versed in the art of conversation that steals your attention and leaves you mesmerized with a hunger to deepen your connection with her.

She’s not the girl who you will fall in love with at first sight. She doesn’t know the right thing to say that will keep you on your toes. She doesn’t know how to play by the rules that will leave you wanting more.

She gets nervous on first dates and has butterflies when she sees you. When she meets eyes with you, she blushes shyly and has difficulty holding her gaze. She stumbles over her words and when she gets excited mid-conversation, her voice raises slightly as she gets carried away. When you speak, she listens to you intently and eagerly as she genuinely wants to know all about you.

She’s not the perfect girl who has her life together; the flawless composure as though nothing could hurt her. She’s real and imperfect, and she’s unafraid to show you her real, unfiltered self.

She struggles in the dating scene more than she realizes. She wears her emotions on her sleeves and her feelings are transparent on her face. She may appear strong but she’s vulnerable and she doesn’t fall in love easily. She takes awhile to warm up to you. She has impossibly high standards, not about your exterior looks or what you possess, but more of the person you are and how you treat her. She wants someone who knows what he wants in life and with the determination and drive to strive for a future with her. She’s attracted to qualities like hardworking, gentleness, and kindness, as she believes it’s the personality that matters the most.

Her idea of the ideal person is to be with someone who will treat her right. Who sees past her imperfections to the beautiful interior waiting to be appreciated by the right person. She’s waiting for a lasting love and until she finds it, she would rather stay single.

She’s not a perfect girl but if you give her a chance, she will loves you in the most perfect way.

She will give you nothing but honesty and herself. Even when she’s worried you may not feel the same way, she will be truthful and she won’t hide how she’s feeling from you.

She knows that she’s far from perfect and she knows her own flaws all too well. She wants you to know that if you choose her, if you choose to love her with everything you have, you will not regret it. She will never stop striving to improve herself and to be a better version so that she can love you better. She will never stop loving you and give you the best of her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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