You’re Allowed To Say Goodbye To Your Past

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Beth Solano

A year can change you a lot. Thinking back where I was a year ago, compared to now, I couldn’t be more different. Ever look back at an old picture and barely recognize yourself? If you have, you’ll understand.

Some of us have periods of change where we become unrecognizable. Maybe one, or many facets of our lives change at the same time. Where life is now so different, you can’t even picture the life and person you once were.

It sounds silly. Like an out of body experience. But it’s true. The person I was a year ago was not half as strong as the one I am now. I’ve experienced so much since then. I once was young and very trusting, today I’m not. Time hardens us. It makes some of us cold. But it also gives an understanding we may not have had before.

Old friends we don’t talk to. Old cities we used to live in. A life that seems so far away now. And we’re happy that it is. Sometimes you don’t want to look back. Sometimes the only thing you can do is move forward and on.

The truth is, you’re allowed to say goodbye to your past. You are years of experience that make you who you are. But your past doesn’t define you in one way or another. You can only grow from it.

You’re allowed to put memories in the back of your head. You’re allowed to move on with your life. You can make new friends, in a new city, and live a life so full that you don’t miss your past. You’re allowed to be happy.

You’re free to create a new world. One that does not dwell on who you were five, ten, fifteen years ago. Because truth is, none of us stay the same. And who would want to anyways?

Maybe the past is supposed to be just that, a reminder. A reminder of who we once were. How far we’ve come. Some people live in the past, some may dwell, some move forward, and some try to forget it. None of us are right or wrong. We are all just doing the best we can. But sometimes in order to grow, we need to kiss the past goodbye. We need to let go of negativity. We need to accept what happened and move on. Sometimes the past just needs to be put in the past.

You are who you are because of it, but you are NOT your past. You’re allowed to say goodbye to your past. Because that’s all it is. The past. Make peace with it. Bury it. Let it go. Live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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