Be The Exception That She Deserves

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Be the phone call when she’s expecting a text just because you want to hear her voice.

Be the surprise to her office because she had a rough day and you know how much she likes flowers.

Be the plans she can count on when she’s expecting you to cancel.

Be the see you later when she wonders if it’s goodbye for good.

Be the one who is confident when she’s nervous.

The one who is sure when she doubtful.

The one who means exactly what they say and not someone who tells her what she wants to hear.

Be the text that gets answered quickly so she doesn’t have to wait and wonder.

Be the Friday night in when she didn’t want to go out to begin with.

Be the one who is patient when she gets a little nervous.

Be the arms that pull her in when she pushes away out of fear.

Be the one who will listen and someone who will learn to read the things she doesn’t say.

Be the one she can rely on because in the past she learned to rely on herself.

Be the one she can trust with her secrets as she tells you things she hasn’t said out loud.

Be the one who can make her laugh so hard it looks like she’s crying.

Be the one who looks at her in a way no one has before.

Be the doors that open. The chairs that get pulled out.

The bill that’s paid because you want to show her chivalry isn’t dead.

And she’ll laugh when you insist on standing on the outside of the sidewalk.

Be the one who reaches for her hand as you’re walking.

The kiss that catches her by surprise.

And the simple touch that sends shivers down her spine.

A touch she craves behind closed doors because she can’t stop thinking about the night before.

The day she doesn’t want to start, as you lay next to her in bed.

The five more minutes even though she knows it might make her late.

Be the arms that hold her when she’s sleeping even though it might leave you with a dead arm in the morning.

Be the one who teaches how important love and the right relationship is.

Be the resolution when fights arise and show her fights don’t mean something is about to end.

Be the songs she listens to a little louder because she now thinks of you when she hears it.

Be the one who challenges her and pushes her past the realm of settling because you know she can do anything if she really wants to. And you believe in her enough that she’ll do it.

Be the fuel that gets added to her fire when she tells you about her dreams and ambitions.

Be the yes to her questions when she’s afraid to ask but you’d do anything for her.

Be the type of man her friends will like and her family will accept because like them you see her value.

Be the guy who leaves notes as you sneak out in the morning kissing her forehead before you leave.

Be the inside jokes no one else understands but she looks at you with a smirk.

Be the one who makes her believe in love and soulmates again, because she deserves to have a love story with an ending that doesn’t hurt.

Be the one who heals her because she never deserved pain.

Be the one who makes her grateful for everything that never worked out.

The ‘I love you’ that redefines what it ever meant before you.

Be the exception that she looks at and she thanks, God every single day to have found someone like you.

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