10 Of The Greatest Voices On 'American Idol'

10 Of The Greatest Voices On ‘American Idol’

If you’re a fan of American Idolyou’re most likely watching the new and improved version with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, and you’re most likely obsessing over all the talented performers. (I am, at least.)

It’s the second season of American Idol 2.0 and there are way too many talented to keep up with on this singing competition. Everyone is just too good to handle!

Here’s a recap of the best performers from the first season and a little preview of the performers on this season. (This is in no particular order!) 

1. Maddie Poppe



Maddie Poppe has one of the most talented voices I’ve ever heard, and that’s probably why she was the winner of the new and improved season of this show. You go, girl!

2. Michael J. Woodard 

“Maybe This Time”


Michael J. Woodard has one of the strongest voices to ever exist. Whether if he’s singing a song from Cabaret or a song from Beauty and the Beast, this kid can sing. Protect him at all costs!

3. Jonny Brenns

“Somebody Else”


There’s something so comforting about Jonny Brenn’s voice, especially when he sings this song. It’s smoothy. It’s silky. It’s passionate. Ugh!

4. Catie Turner

“Once Upon a Dream”


Catie Turner is an actual princess and no one can convince me otherwise. Her voice is so pure and soft. She’s got this strength to her and it’s truly so inspiring. Her voice is going to take her so far (hopefully to Disney.)

5. Walker Burrough

“Your Song”


This has to be – hands down – the best voice I’ve ever heard. Or maybe just the best cover of this song I’ve ever heard. Nonetheless, Walker Burrough deserves the world and if he doesn’t win this season of American Idol, or at least get to the top 5, I will throw a temper tantrum.

6. Madison VanDenburg 

“All I Ask”


THIS GIRL CAN SING! Madison VanDenburg’s voice is so strong and powerful and is up there with the greatest voices of all time. She’s going to get so far, I can feel it. Her voice is just *chef’s kiss*.

7. Wade Cota

“All I Want”


At the beginning of the competition, I really didn’t like Wade Cota’s voice…until I heard this cover. Maybe I’m biased because this is my favorite song, but he sang it with so much feeling that it hurt my soul. He has a powerful, earthy voice and I really like it.

8. Evelyn Cormier


Evelyn Cormier has one of the strangest voices I’ve ever heard and I’m obsessed. I need her to sing forever and ever because she knows how to work with the voice she has. It’s impressive!

9. Ashley Hess

“When You’re Dreaming With A Broken Heart”


I may or may not have cried during her audition and during this performance of one of the saddest love songs to ever exist. Ashley Hess has such a soft, yet strong voice and wow, she knows how to sing.

10. Ryan Hammond

“You Say”


I’m calling it now: Ryan Hammond is going to win American Idol. Though he’s strong vocally, he’s got the whole “using your emotions while you sing” thing down. He’s going to make it, I just have a feeling. He’s pure, raw talent. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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