This Is Why You Need To Be Watching The New 'American Idol'

This Is Why You Need To Be Watching The New ‘American Idol’

You remember the iconic trio – Simon, Paula, and Randy. You remember the drama, the WTF moments, the talent, the ambition, the emotional moments, the classic “Bad Day” song that would play when contestants were sent home.

American Idol was the show where millions of people could audition their singing ability in front of the entire world and have breakdowns on camera if they didn’t get a golden ticket to Hollywood.

We all knew and loved this show for its memorable scenes (I mean, everyone loved “Pants On The Ground”) and the talent that came from the competition. Its winners birthed the successful careers for artists like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordan Sparks, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and more. The original American Idol was created in 2002 and lasted until 2016, resulting in 15 seasons of this singing competition with the support of fan votes.

I grew up watching the show with my family, and to this day, I’m still a huge fan of the artists that came of the show. (I’m still obsessed with Chris Daughtry.) As I got older, I lost interest in the show. Or maybe I just didn’t have a reason to appreciate it.

Though the show lost views and popularity really fast, it had a solid comeback in 2018 as something new and improved. And honestly? I’m obsessed.

This new version is iconic. There’s something about it that makes me appreciate the concept of the show so much more and I want to tell everyone I know to drop what they’re doing and watch it.


It shows actual talent.

You have to be very brave and very confident to sing in front of people. If you have bravery and confidence and a talent for singing, you’ve won the game.

Nearly every person who auditions for the show has a strong, diverse voice. There’s so much talent that walks through the doors and is ready to sing in front of the most successful names in music as well as, ya know, the entire world.

The competition is so much more intense and entertaining because everyone brings their A-game for every performance.

Watching the new American Idol stresses me out because everyone is just…so good…and it’s hard to decide which contestant is my favorite.

There’s no BS.

The old version showed the thousands of people who auditioned for the show, including the bad and the ugly. There were moments in every episode that exploited the most terrible contestants and we watched the judges laugh at them. These wannabe singers were…messy. Their characteristics were considered to be comedic.

The new American Idol has a no-BS policy. Now, there’s no exploitation. They don’t show the judges making fun of anyone for their poor audition.

If anything, the judges are making fun of each other (Katy Perry making fun of Luke Bryan, mostly). They’re playful. They feed off of the chemistry they share. They’re genuine.

The judges’ relevancy makes for good TV.

When you watched American Idol as a child, did you know who Simon, Paula, and Randy were or what they were known for? I didn’t. (Tea.) As an adult now, I obviously know who they are and what they did/do, but how can you be totally invested in a show if you’re confused?

Watching this new version makes me excited because I understand. I know who’s a part of the show and what they’re doing. These judges are relatable, relevant, and highly admired by so many people, and their opinions matter so much more because of the fans who might be watching just for them.

We have Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, judging and coaching these up-and-coming singing sensations. These judges are music icons and that makes for good television.

Things are different.

The competition is different. The contestants get where they get in the competition based on their performances and the opinions of the judges, no one else. There are no fan votes to get them to the top.

The people are different. This time around, we’re seeing less of Ryan Seacrest and more of a mentor known as Bobby Bones. We’re seeing a lot more diverse people of every gender and race.

The stories are different. We’re seeing vulnerability. We’re hearing emotions and we’re seeing emotions. It’s raw, undeniable talent.

The new and improved American Idol expects the unexpected and that’s why the show’s comeback is so great. Who knew? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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