I Think I Might Be Graduating With A Bunch Of Idiots

Flickr / Kevin Dooley
Flickr / Kevin Dooley

As humans when we become used to something, we tend to devalue it. We can see how devaluating school is easy considering the fact that we spend significant amount of hours, days, months, and years in school. Students go through middle school, high school, and when they finally reach college, they are somewhat worn out or at least sick of it. It seems that everyone I come across with at my college simply cannot wait till they graduate, without realizing that college is a wonderful journey.

It’s a journey that allows you to get a sense of “self”, a sense of purpose. College is supposed to help you figure out what you’re good at, what you’re not so good at, and what you are passionate about. Therefore, I am not so sure why students are trying to rush through that entire process.

Not only are the students from my generation dying to finish college, they are also focusing on what’s not important as oppose to what is. I come to school and habitually look around and see people sleeping or using their cellphones while the professor is saying something categorically essential for us to know.

Observing the actions of my fellow classmates permits me to comprehend several things like how ungrateful students can truly be. They are completely taking for granted the opportunity that they have been given, to learn and advance. It’s like the students are present but they are not fully present because they are 100% unaware of what is going on.

I remember one of my professors asking a particular student “So, why do you choose to do your assignments?” and I will never forget her response, even though it was very expected that she would answer the way that she did. She replied with, “I do my assignments so I can receive an A and eventually pass my classes.” That’s a terrific answer but a student’s main objective should not be getting good grades.

A more ideal goal would be gaining understanding, becoming wiser, and more intelligent. Think about a time when you got an outstanding grade on an exam however, you were not able to apply the material to absolutely anything because you learned nothing. You were too busy focusing on what you were going to be tested on, that you were not capable of registering the information correctly and what good does that do?

If the professor asked me that same question, I would genuinely say “I do my assignments because I’m here to learn. I’m here to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can. I’m here to be a well-rounded person. I’m here to become cultivated. Most importantly, I’m here to be smarter than I was yesterday.” Nothing annoys me more than a student questioning why they are taking a humanities course that has nothing to do with their field. When you graduate college, you are expected to be a well-rounded individual.

The main purpose of college is to acquire further knowledge, as well as become smarter and more educated. I’m worried and concerned for my generation. A bachelor’s degree is becoming degraded. I think maybe the reason why bachelor degrees are becoming equivalent to obtaining a driver’s license is because so many people are getting them.

So many people are getting bachelor degrees and very few actually have the skills. Therefore, jobs are requiring individuals to continue their education. Just earning a degree is not enough and my classmates cannot seem to recognize that. I might be graduating with a bunch of idiots.

I’m in love with college because it’s the place where I am constantly learning, isn’t that the point? I try my hardest to take advantage of the lucky chance that I was given when I decided to continue my education. Getting good grades is absolutely a plus and I’m all for it. However, I do vehemently believe that if you are actually learning the concepts than you have a higher chance of succeeding when it comes to earning good grades. When you are learning the materials, getting good grades comes naturally.

If there was a specific class that required students to sleep and they were all guaranteed to receive A’s, many students in my generation would jump to that opening. The people in my generation wouldn’t be capable of seeing what a complete waste that would be. They are so incredibly devoted to receiving good grades that it results in them having a lack of knowledge. A good GPA does not necessarily indicate wisdom.

I want to be outstandingly intelligent and I want to gain knowledge on nearly everything. I’m curious to know more about the world. I strongly encourage students to attempt to have that similar mentality. College should not be a dragging experience.

I question what these people will do when their college careers are over. What will they do when they graduate and have a corresponding amount of knowledge to a high school student? I’m frightened that by the time I graduate college, the world will have easily gained a bunch of “idiots” who now obtain bachelor degrees in a variety of majors. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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