30 Things Everyone Should Experience At Least Once (Other Than Sex)

Don’t waste your time here. Make sure you complete everything on this list from Ask Reddit.
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1. Enter a sensory deprivation tank

“Sensory deprivation tanks. It will blow your mind! It takes a good 20 minutes in the tank before you actually start to relax but once you do, it can be the most peaceful, therapeutic, and clarifying experience you’ve ever had in your life. I’ve never known anyone who has tried it and didn’t go back again. It is seriously life changing.” — Swishergirl34

2. Plan your own vacation

“Planning and taking a vacation to a place you’ve never been.

It’s one thing to be brought along by your friends or parents, but actually being the one in charge is a whole different ballgame. Figuring out flights, hotels, transportation, then dealing with the consequences of one of those things falling through… it’s a great learning experienced. I was already 22 when I took a backpacking trip to Europe with a buddy, but that trip was the first time I actually felt like an adult.” — Notmiefault

3. Experience true personal freedom

“True personal freedom. At least one night where their parents, friends, family, etc. don’t depend on them, and they have the money to do what they like with this time.

It’s really the only way to truly discover yourself/your passions, which can help you determine what you want to do with yourself.” –Carryoncrow

4. Try a polar plunge

“A polar plunge. Jumping into cold water usually in the winter or in the morning before the sun has everything warmed up. It’s exhilarating, refreshing, and makes you feel so alive.

It’s not just the cold water that makes it so exhilarating. It’s the process. First, you commit to the idea and decide to do it even though it’s inconvenient. You lay out your swim suit and set your alarm for earlier than usual. When it goes off in the morning, you groan and consider going back to bed. But you get up anyway and get out there. And then you’re cold even while you wait in your swim suit, digesting the idea of the leap you’re about to make for those few moments right before. You force yourself to take the jump and you spend not even seconds in the air before you hit the water feeling every cell of your body prepare.

And once your head goes under and you come back up, you might make some strange and unfamiliar vocalization of shock. But then you start sculling in the water and even realize it’s warmer in there than it is outside. You might even hesitate to get back out. Once your warm and clothed, it feels amazing.

It’s something that some people would never consider doing even once. But everyone should at least once.” — RaccoonGiraffePizza

5. Drive a convertible

“Owning and driving a convertible car (preferably in manual). Nothing like glancing up at the milky way while driving home from work.” — pleasentporsche

6. Go camping in an unconventional place

“Camping in a random place that isn’t a camp site. Not quite sure if you’re supposed to be there, but at some point you have to just let go, make your fire so you can cook a meal and feel warmth and safety, and finally having to go to bed, not knowing if anyone or anything will come around in the middle of the night. It’s both horrifying and liberating.” — ShwAlex

7. Perform in front of a crowd

“Getting up in front of a crowd and performing. Do karaoke, or an open mic night, or whatever. Make a fool of yourself. Have fun. Learn that it’s not the end of the world, even if you embarrass yourself.” — AwesomeScreenName

8. Experience heartbreak

“Complete, total heartbreak.

Also, a slam-into-the-wall failure.

People need to be humbled in life now more than ever before. No doubt about it.” — –AJ–

9. Visit a therapist

“With and only with a therapist you feel totally comfortable with; if you’re not comfortable opening up to your therapist then they can’t help you and you should get a referral to save your wallet and their time.

Totally worth it, but only when it works. ‘Forcing’ therapy doesn’t work.” — probablyhrenrai

10. Live alone

“Living alone… You never really get to know yourself, until you’ve lived alone.” — great1675

11. Go snorkeling

“One of my best memories is snorkeling in about 12ft of crystal clear tropical water and being amazed at how relaxed I was at the bottom just sitting there with all these color fish and plants around me. I had zero stress or anxiety and I felt like I could hold my breath forever. A really strange and wonderful feeling.” — seanhodgins

12. Watch fireflies

“Watching fireflies (lightning bugs) in a field at dusk.” — joeyseattle

13. Listen to live music

“Listen to someone who has put >10 years of serious effort into perfecting the art play a musical instrument live.

Nothing can reproduce that sound.” — squirrelthetire

14. Be dirt poor

“Being dirt poor at least once. When you can’t afford bread or even plain rice, you will never complain about pizza crust being bland ever again.” — conquer69

15. Spend time with puppies

“Sitting on the floor and being attacked with love by a bunch of puppies. Closest thing to heaven on earth.” — triagonalmeb

16. Play a roleplaying game

“A roleplaying game around people you can trust a little. Nothing can be as creative or as freeing as learning to be a different person. It helps with empathy, self-exploration, and can even get you into philosophy.” — Rheios

17. See a total eclipse

“Seeing a total eclipse. You can see pictures and have people describe it to you, but none of those are anything like experiencing the eerie twilight of totality, where you look around and everything is just a little wrong.” — corvus_curiosum

18. Turn down sex

“Turning down sex.

The sense of empowerment is truly a magnificent thing.” — JonathenMichaels

19. Be single for a while

“Being single.

And also non sexual love/relationships.” — ASpoonfullOfSass

20. Take a hot air balloon ride

“A hot air balloon ride.” — ts151

21. Work in retail

“Working retail. I’d like to believe people wouldn’t be so fucking rude if they knew what it’s like on the other side.” — SaturnBreaksYourMind

22. Go skydiving

“Skydiving. It’s an absolute weightless and freeing experience, being that exposed and close to death. The clarity and adrenaline you feel is incredible.” — Oathkeeper91

23. Visit the Grand Canyon

“A sunrise at the Grand Canyon.” — animado

24. Eat your favorite meal

“Eating your favorite meal cooked by a professional.” — wxrhxl

25. Take a multi-day road trip

“A multi-day road trip. Alone. To a place you have never been. I did Barrie to Canmore AB. It was the best thing I ever did for my self.” — Frenchfriesandfrosty

26. Have a full body massage

“A full body massage at least an hour…” — Olddellago

27. Attend a concert

“Listening to their favorite music – performed live.” — A40

28. Travel abroad

“Travel abroad. Particularly to a place completely different from your own. Very rewarding and eye-opening.” — sbFRESH

29. Do a good deed

“Helping someone who will never be able to repay you!” — BuffaloGal17

30. Experience quiet, comforting silence

“The quiet, comforting silence of 3 am, after spending the night having fun and messing around with your friends. Bonus points if your oldest friend is passed out on the couch near by and you have no responsibilities to worry about the next day.” — MomentoMoriBenn Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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