The Scientific Reasons Why Coffee Is Actually Good For You

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Ok, I adore coffee. Sadly, I can’t drink it.

It makes me feel pretty anxious and my body doesn’t respond to caffeine well. Fortunately, my fiancé drinks coffee a lot. This means I can occasionally steal sips from his mug and still maintain my composure (normally).

However, new research is showing why drinking coffee might actually decrease your risk of death. No, seriously! Let’s check out what the new studies are showing about our favorite beverage.

Helps Fight Cognitive Decline

We already know that coffee has been linked to several health benefits, including a “significantly lower risk” of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

This magical drink has also been reported to lower your risk of getting type II diabetes by 30%. Even heart disease and some types have cancer have been shown to be reduced by coffee intake.

As part of this new research, the authors looked at leading causes of death and compared them to coffee intake. They found that increased consumption of coffee meant that a person was less likely to die from many of the leading causes of death, including cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease!

May Help You Live Longer

While the research doesn’t prove that coffee can actually help you live longer, it does establish a link between people who live longer lives and those who drink coffee.

I don’t know about you, but I’m considering heading to a coffee shop for an iced coffee right about now.

Another study published by the same Annals of Internal Medicine followed people from 10 different European countries and found that drinking coffee reduced your risk of death from “various causes”. The findings were not specific to any country, which means there’s a good chance it would help people in the United States too.

So with a lower risk of death and cognitive decline, your morning cup of joe is looking pretty good right now!

All Coffee Is Good Coffee

If you’re like me and don’t tolerate caffeine very well, don’t fret. The research showed that the positive link still held even for people who drink decaf coffee! Remember, decaf coffee contains about half the caffeine of a regular cup of coffee, so it’s still caffeinated.

Decaf coffee is an attractive option that can provide you with the same benefits as regular coffee, according to this research. Actually, the study found that any type of coffee counts. So whether you enjoy espresso, latte, cappuccino, or just a plain black coffee, this proves that coffee can still be part of a healthy diet!

How to Benefit

So what should your next steps be? I wouldn’t start slamming down coffees in the morning in light of these recent studies, but it does help you feel better about consuming this beverage.

If you’re a new coffee drinker, it’s imperative that you know that caffeine can be addictive. People who regularly drink coffee often experience headaches on days they forgo the drink. If you have any concerns about how your body will adjust to coffee—or if you feel too jittery or anxious after drinking it—discontinue and talk to a healthcare professional.

If coffee is already part of your daily routine, simply keep enjoying it! The study showed that one cup a day is all you need to benefit, although people who drank 2-3 cups or more actually had a slightly better chance of avoiding death.

These new studies come at a time when iced coffee and cool coffee shops are a much needed break in this summer heat. So what are you waiting for? Go grab some coffee and enjoy the health benefits of your favorite drink this summer! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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