7 Signs You’re Hopelessly Addicted To Coffee

Maria Keays
Maria Keays

Regardless it’s iced, gourmet, or black, for coffee addicts it doesn’t matter. For them coffee is life. There is a multitude of reasons to crave coffee, but the most likely one is that it contains an addictive chemical in it: caffeine.

So here are 7 signs that coffee owns you:

1. You’re not fully awake till you’ve had your coffee dose.
Any given situation would be a whole lot better if you had a cup of coffee in your hand. This desire may be so strong that you find yourself unable to carry out some tasks without a cup of coffee.

2. You get moody without coffee.
Not everyone is pleasant in the wee hours of the morning. A coffee-lover might suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as a headache if they skip their morning coffee. But if you are still grouchy and not willing to talk to anyone until some caffeine gets into your body, you might be addicted to coffee.

3. It takes more than a cup to feel the caffeine effect.
After one cup of coffee, if you still feel like you’re not fully awake, then you might have an dependence. Coffee addicts usually need 2-3 cups of coffee to get fully awake and get through the day.

4. You get coffee cravings, even at night.
A true coffee-lover doesn’t look at the time to get his/her coffee fix. Even in the evenings, you will get a random desire to get caffeinated.

5. You compare coffee brands from different places.
Since you love coffee so much, you have tried coffee from different bistros, and you’ve reached a point where you start comparing the quality too.

6. You are a regular face in many coffee shops.
If baristas from different coffee shops recognize you and know what you want the second they see you, then coffee is your staple. If you have practically tried every coffee type on the menu, then you surely are a coffee fanatic. #TrueCoffeeProblems

7. You are constantly thinking about getting your next fix.
If you are itching for your next coffee break, this may be a symptom of addiction. Many coffee lovers also have an emotional connection to the beverage. They genuinely get elated when a fresh cup of coffee gets brewed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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