Big Brother Fans Are Celebrating Because One Of The 'Jackasses' Are Finally Going Home

‘Big Brother’ Fans Are Celebrating Because One Of The ‘Jackasses’ Are Finally Going Home

Big Brother 21 is far from over — but it’s already had its fair share of controversies.

There have been TMZ articles and fan petitions. There have been accusations of racism and sexism. There have even been contestants who have broken the rules.

Even though most of the houseguests are not entirely innocent, the two names that keep popping up again and again are Jack and Jackson (who is sometimes referred to as Michie).

Jackson has slept with two of the other contestants in the house and has been accused of talking down to women by fellow houseguests. He has broken rules as a Have-Not (he was supposed to eat a BB concoction called slop for a full week, but has been sneaking banned snacks). He has also made some pretty controversial (and downright racist) comments about the POC in the house.

Jack has also made racist comments, acted condescending to his fellow houseguests, and has been an all-around horror to watch.

Kemi, the only black female houseguest this season, was evicted from the house a few weeks back. She has since released a statement about her treatment in the house:

A lot of Big Brother fans have been complaining about what a horrible season this has been, both in terms of casting and gameplay. Thankfully, Jessica Milagros ended up saving the season by winning HOH and putting up both Jack and Jackson (which some people have dubbed the jackasses).

Fans were underestimating Jess because she’s done… pretty little… up until this point. But now her fierce side has been beginning to show. She’s been pretty savvy about her gameplay and she hasn’t been taking anyone’s crap.

Even though Big Brother has been a big disappoint most of this season, it looks like things are finally turning around. Like Julie always says, expect the unexpected.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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