I Hate Boys Who Take FOREVER To Text Back

waiting for a text back
Unsplash / Carol Oliver

I hate when boys take forever to text back. It confuses the hell out of me.

If he didn’t want anything to do with me, if he wanted me to stop bothering him every weekend, then he could easily ghost me. He could stop answering my texts — or even block my number — and then I would go away. I wouldn’t keep trying to get his attention because his feelings would be obvious.

Honestly, I would rather have him completely ignore my texts. It’s much more confusing when he answers me after two or three days of leaving me waiting.

When that happens, my gut feeling is that he isn’t placing me as a priority. That he likes me a little bit but not enough. That he only wants to talk when he has nothing better to do.

I should probably accept that he is never going to care about me as much as I care about him and move on with my life — except our conversations are always so flirtatious. 

Whenever he decides to pay attention to me again, he acts like he is crazy about me. He compliments me. He tells me how much he misses me. He makes me laugh. He makes me feel pretty.

On those days, everything seems fine. It seems like our relationship is heading in the right direction.

But it doesn’t matter how much fun we have talking to each other, because eventually history will repeat itself. He will go missing for a few days. I will get upset about being ignored by him. And then he will pop back into my world and return to treating me like I am the love of his life.

I don’t understand what he thinks he is doing. If he liked me enough, he wouldn’t let a day go by without talking to me. He wouldn’t wait to send a text back. He would be eager to hear from me. He would want to know what was going on in my world. Better yet, he would want to see me in person. He would want to take our relationship to the next stage.

But if he didn’t like me then he wouldn’t answer my texts at all. He wouldn’t bother having such long, deep conversations with me. He would delete my messages as soon as they appeared on his screen. He would stop reading my texts. He would stop acting like he is interested.

I know what I want from him, but I have no idea what he is expecting to gain from me. A friend? A flirting buddy? A one-night stand? I’m not sure what comes to mind when he thinks about me. I can’t figure out why he acts so attached and then quickly detaches.

I hate boys who take forever to text back. Boys who are only semi-interested in me. Boys who keep me hanging on by a thread, even though I should really come to my senses and walk away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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