How Long Are You Going To Lead Me On?

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I have known you for a while and we have been flirting the entire time. You have bought me food. You have let me borrow your sweatshirt. You have spent hours texting back and forth with me about absolutely nothing when you could have called it a night and went to bed.

You have feelings for me. At least, you act like you do.

The problem is that you haven’t asked me out yet. You haven’t made any moves at all and it’s confusing the hell out of me. You had a million opportunities to invite me on a date and you never took them. But there were a million times when you could have let me down easy and that never happened either.

I don’t know what you’re doing. I cannot tell if you are waiting for the perfect moment to ask the question or whether you were never planning on doing it in the first place.

Either way, it’s frustrating. If you like me, I wish you would just tell me already. I have made my own feelings obvious, so there is no risk in asking me out. And if you would rather have us stay friends, say those words too. Let me know so I can move on from you. So I don’t have to spend another month waiting to see which choice you are going to make.

I would rather be rejected and cry my eyes out for a few days than sit here, wondering what to expect from you. The questions are driving me insane.

How much longer are you going to lead me on? How many more times are you going to get this close to kissing me and then back away? What else am I going to have to go through before you look me in the eyes and admit what you want from me?

I feel like I have waited long enough. I deserve an answer. I deserve to know how you feel about me.

I hate being the girl without a label. The girl who has no idea how to answer her friends when they ask what we are. I shouldn’t be left in the dark. We should be able to talk about stuff like this without it getting awkward. We should be honest with each other, not hiding from each other.

For a while, I have been letting you lead me on. I have flirted with you without asking for a commitment in return. I have been keeping my questions to myself so that you didn’t feel like you were pressured to make a decision before you were ready, but I cannot wait forever. I cannot keep replaying our interactions at night to figure out whether you want to be my boyfriend or my friend.

I have a million questions for you, but they all boil down to this one: How much longer are you planning on leading me on for? Because I’m not sure how much longer I am willing to wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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