I Care About My Loved Ones More Than I Care About Myself

A woman with her loved ones
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I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself. I will not bat a single eyelash if you insult me, if you treat me like I am lesser, if you put me through hell — but if I find out you have been even slightly rude to someone I care about, I am going to make you regret that decision. I am going to hold an everlasting grudge against you. I am going to expect an apology, but even that will not be enough to satisfy my bloodlust.

I can handle heartache. But if you break the heart of someone I hold dear, then you are dead to me.

I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself. I will do anything for them. I will splurge on surprises for them, but I will feel bad about buying anything expensive for myself. I will encourage them to visit the doctor when they feel under the weather, but I will procrastinate when it comes to getting checkups myself. I don’t take care of my body as much as I should. I don’t care about myself the way I should.

I put all of my love into other people.

I will never choose the restaurant I want to visit or the music I want to play. I choose what I think will make the people around me the most excited. I put their wants before my own. Making them happy makes me happy.

I have trouble convincing myself that I deserve kindness and respect, but I know damn well what my loved ones deserve. They deserve to feel safe. Supported. Inspired. Loved. They deserve the world.

If you are someone I care about, then I am going to make you a priority. I am going to help you whenever you call out for me. I am going to be there no matter what. I will never let you down.

I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself. I would go miles out of my way for them. I would sacrifice my happiness for them. I would make myself miserable for them.

My soft heart has caused me to get taken advantage of in the past. I have given others love they never deserved. I have put in effort for people who refused to meet me halfway. I have been used. I have had my heart shattered.

Some people say I am too nice, but I cannot help myself. I have trouble spoiling myself, but it’s so easy to spoil other people. It’s so easy to make them the first and last thoughts of my day. I am a people pleaser. I am not comfortable unless everyone else in the room is comfortable first.

I care about my loved ones more than I care about myself — and I know that is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. It is what brings me the most joy and the most stress. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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