Date A Woman Who Loves The Beach

A woman at the beach
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Date a woman who appreciates nature. Who enjoys spending time outdoors. A woman who is adventurous enough to jump into the water and get her hair wet with you, spontaneous enough to throw a towel in her bag and take a road trip to the water with you — but who also knows the benefits of relaxation and can spend hours reading in the sand without a care in the world.

Date a mature, passionate woman who gets shit done during work hours — but who acts like a little kid when she has time off on weekends. A woman who will build sandcastles alongside you and compete to see who can collect the most seashells in the quickest amount of time. A woman who will play frisbee even if she sucks at it and will point out every cute dog who puts his paws in the sand.

Date a woman who will personally set up a picnic at the beach, complete with watermelon and strawberries — but will also invite her friends to meet so they can sip from pink drinks until the day turns dark. A woman who is unafraid of letting loose from time to time. A woman who isn’t afraid to admit she likes the taste of sangria better than smoothies.

Date a woman who is bold enough to walk around in front of complete strangers in her bathing suit, whether it’s a bikini or a one-piece, because she is confident in her body. Because, even if other people think she can’t pull off the look, she loves herself too much to give a fuck about what they have to say. She knows her value. She knows how beautiful she really is.

Date a woman who likes to have fun wherever she goes. Who will jump around the sand playing volleyball and wade through the water up to her neck — but will also enjoy lazy days too. A woman who will sit on her beach towel and daydream about absolutely nothing because she knows she deserves a break from the craziness of the world. A woman who knows it’s okay to relax every once in a while.

Date a woman who will ask you to help rub sunscreen across her skin because she would rather protect herself than get tan. A woman who will ask you to take selfies alongside her so she can show you off on social media. A woman who will encourage you to come jet skiing or parasailing with her because she is always open to try something new.

Date a woman who loves the feeling of sunshine against her skin. Who loves listening to the sound of the waves crashing. Who loves hearing live music on the boardwalk. Who loves seeing swimming fish and flying birds. Who loves watching swaying palm trees. Who loves camping on the beach and watching the sun rise from her spot in the sand.

Date a woman who loves the summer, because she will make it your new favorite seasonThought Catalog Logo Mark

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