When She Leaves, You’ll Finally See Her Worth

A girl who is ready to leave
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You don’t realize how much she does for you. You take her effort for granted. You never say thank you when she goes out of her way for you. Sometimes you do the opposite. You complain about her being too clingy. You hate how she wants to spend so much time with you. You wish she would give you some room to breathe.

She is willing to do anything to make you break into a smile and you barely lift a finger for her. You let her do all of the work without returning the favor, because you don’t care whether she stays or goes. She is the only one who cares.

You have made it abundantly clear that you don’t appreciate all of the things she does for you, which is why it’s only a matter of time until she comes to her senses and says goodbye.

When she leaves, you are going to realize how much she sacrificed for you. You are going to miss the good morning texts that greeted you when your eyes opened. You are going to miss the compliments she gave every time she walked through your front door. You are going to miss the cuddling and the teasing and the laughter.

Right now, you have no idea how good you have it. But you will realize once you are alone again. When you have no one there to kiss your lips late at night. No one to squeeze your hand while watching movies. No one to comfort you after you had a stressful day at work. No one to whisper secrets to that you don’t trust with anybody else.

When she leaves, you are going to miss having someone who is there for you every single day, regardless of how angry you made them the night before. You are going to miss having someone to talk to who actually listens to your stories about work and your family and your friends without drifting off into their daydreams.

When she leaves, you are going to miss having someone who would drop anything for you. Someone who would run in your direction whenever you called. Someone who would put you before themselves because you meant the world to them.

When she leaves, you are finally going to understand how much work she put into the relationship. You are going to realize that not every girl would do so much for you. You are going to decide that you should have held onto her tighter, that you never should have let her go.

But when she leaves, it will already be too late. You can’t get her back with red roses at her doorstep and midnight apologies. You can’t convince her that you are going to change because she already gave you a million chances and you blew every one.

Once she is gone, you can’t bring her back, because she has already decided that she deserves someone who sees her worth from the start, not someone who only realizes it after they lose her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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