Stop Making Her Think She Has A Chance With You, Because She Deserves To Move On

A girl trying to move on
Unsplash / Dmitriy Ilkevich

Give her space. Don’t text her to see how she is holding up. Don’t swarm her with long apology emails about how you are sorry you hurt her and hope she doesn’t hate you forever. Don’t try to make things up to her.

You aren’t helping by latching onto her when she is trying her hardest to let you go.

Let her breathe. It will be easier for her to get over you if you are out of sight and out of mind.

That means you shouldn’t be nice by liking her selfies or visiting her at work or texting her on her birthday. Those things are only going to make her think about you more. A little bit of attention from you could ruin all the progress she has been making to forget about you.

The nicest thing you can do for her is stay out of her way. Stalk her Instagram and Facebook all you want, but don’t watch her snap stories or comment on her pictures. Don’t let your name keep popping onto her phone screen. Don’t let her know that you’re still thinking about her, that you still care about her.

If you cared this much about her from the beginning, then you wouldn’t be in this mess. She left because you treated her poorly. You only gave her half of what she deserved and now you’re paying the price for it.

If you care about her happiness even a little, don’t make things harder on her by trying to get her back. Don’t swear you are going to do things differently this time when you know history will repeat itself.

Getting over you the first time is already stressful enough for her. Don’t make her go through the same heartbreak twice.

When you get drunk and can’t stop thinking about how stupid you are for letting her get away, keep it to yourself. When you are lonely late at night and want someone to hook up with, search for someone else.

Stop making her think there is even the slightest chance you will get back together and live out your happily ever after. Stop tricking her into giving you more and more chances you don’t deserve. Stop giving her false hope.

Don’t put her through even more pain than you have already subjected her to in the past. Don’t stoop that low.

You put yourself first while you were with her, but now that she’s gone, think of her first. Think of how painful it will feel every time she gets a text from you or sees a DM on Twitter. Think of how much it will hurt her to try to be friends with you after you shattered her into pieces.

If you mean it when you claim you care about her, hold yourself back from invading her life, because you already lost her. You don’t get to have her back. The best thing you can do for her is accept your loss instead of fighting it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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