Losing You Will Not Hurt Her, It Will Heal Her

A girl healing
Unsplash / Shianne Morales

She is going to be relieved to lose you.

At first, she is going to be upset. She is going to hate you for walking away because she never would have done the same. She was willing to fight for your relationship, even after everything you have done to her.

She is going to go through a period where she wonders whether she will remain alone forever, whether she is ever going to love someone as powerfully as she loved you.

Slowly, as time passes, she is going to realize how much better life is without you.

She is going to wake up with clearer skin and a clearer mind, because without you, her stress levels are lower. She doesn’t have to spend her nights anxious about whether you are going to text her back anytime soon. She doesn’t have to lose her voice during another late night argument. She doesn’t have to listen to her friends beg her to finally break up with you when you disappoint her for the hundredth time.

Without you, she is going to have so much more time for herself. She won’t be wasting her hours staring at the clock, counting down how late you are going to come home this time. She won’t have to wait for your car to pick her up. Wait for your texts to come through. Wait for you to grow up and become the man she expected you to be from the start.

Without you, she is going to have the freedom to make her own choices. She will wear what she wants without worrying about impressing you. She will hang out with friends without worrying about making you jealous. She won’t have to second-guess herself every five seconds anymore. She will be able to follow her heart.

After spending a little while without you, she is going to realize she should have left long ago, because the single life is much better than life stuck inside of a poisonous relationship.

Without you, she is going to feel less stressed, because she won’t be walking on eggshells, trying not to spark another ridiculous fight.

Without you, she is going to feel more like herself, because she won’t feel pressured to change to make you happy.

Without you, she is going to feel more confident, because she won’t have to watch you ogle other girls and wonder what they have that she lacks.

Without you, she is going to feel stronger, because she will realize she doesn’t need another person to help her through life. She can survive on her own. She can kick ass on her own.

At first, she is going to struggle with the idea of losing you. She is going to feel like her world is crumbling around her and there is nothing she can do to save herself. But soon, she will realize losing you is a blessing in disguise.

In the end, losing you will not hurt her. It will heal her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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