If He Truly Appreciates You, His Actions Will Prove It

A guy who appreciates his girlfriend
Unsplash / Parker Whitson

A man who fails to say thank you after you have gone out of your way for him does not appreciate your kindness.

A man who shows up late to a date and doesn’t even text you to let you know that he’s running behind until the last second does not appreciate your time.

A man who dodges the subject whenever you try to have a serious conversation with him about your relationship status does not appreciate your interest.

A man who makes you question whether you are enough for him does not appreciate you at all.

If he truly appreciated you, then he would never stop telling you how much you meant to him. He would show gratitude every time you invited him over, bought him a soda, washed his dishes, folded his clothes, put gas in his car, gave him an orgasm. He would let you know that everything you do, both big and small, is being recognized.

If he valued you, if he realized how much you sacrificed to bring him happiness, he wouldn’t let a day occur where you felt unappreciated. He wouldn’t let you wonder whether the sweet things you did for him were pointless. He would make sure you knew how much he admired you for being there for him — and he would return the favor.

If he appreciated you, there wouldn’t be a single doubt in your mind about his feelings for you. You would know exactly where he stood because he would be vocal about it. 

Meanwhile, if he leaves your texts unanswered for hours even though he knows you’re waiting to hear back, he does not appreciate your attention.

If he shies away whenever you attempt to hold his hand in the middle of a crowd, he does not appreciate your soft heart.

If he pursues other women even though you are expecting him to stay loyal to you or pressures you into doing something you’re uncomfortable doing, he does not appreciate your body.

If he hurts you countless times without issuing an apology or changing his ways, he does not appreciate you as a person.

Appreciation means seeing how much you do for him and not taking it for granted. Not using you as a doormat. Not allowing the relationship to become one-sided while he lounges around, doing nothing. 

If he truly appreciates you, he won’t act like you owe him your time or your attention or your body. He will realize it is your choice whether you help him with the dishes or pay for his half of dinner or go down on him at night, which is why he will be thankful whenever you do. He will say thank you whenever you do. He will make you feel like you are loved whenever you do.

If he appreciates you, it will be obvious, because you will feel like a good girlfriend. You will feel like you must be doing something right. You will feel like you are exactly where you are meant to be with the person you are meant to be with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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