I Am Slowly Learning This World Is Wildly Unfair

I am slowly learning that, even though I have complete control over my emotions and my actions, I have no power when it comes to anyone else. I could treat them like a prince and they could return the favor by treating me like their servant. I could do anything for them, everything for them, and they would still owe me nothing. There is no way to battle for their love. They can either hand it to me willingly or choose to withhold it eternally.

I am slowly learning that working my ass off is only part of the equation when it comes to reaching success. Even if I work on refining my passion for years, it does not mean I am going to be in the right place at the right time. Furthermore, there are going to be some days when I try my absolute hardest and still fall short. There are going to be achievements that I feel like I should have earned, but don’t end up getting because of some cruel twist of fate.

I am slowly learning that being a good person does not mean I am going to be rewarded. Sometimes, the shittiest things happen to the best people. However, I can not let that deter me from remaining kind. I cannot throw up my hands, say there is no point in treating others with respect since it isn’t benefiting me in any way, and start living without morals. I need to stick to my own personal code, even though I might end up going through more trouble than someone who bends the rules.

I am slowly learning that sometimes failure is not my fault. Sometimes there is nothing I could have done to attract that boy or land that job or earn that promotion. Sometimes there are other factors coming into play, so I should never jump to the conclusion that I am not good enough. I should never beat myself up. However, even if I don’t admit fault, I can choose to work on myself instead, so that the next time, I even even more prepared for what comes my way.

I am slowly learning that, even though life can be unfair, I cannot let that stop me from chasing my passions. I have to keep moving forward, even when I feel like the universe is trying to drag me backward. Whenever I get knocked down, I have to rise up again. I have to keep my faith alive. I have to remind myself how capable I am.

I cannot let the unfair things that happen to me convince me that trying is pointless. It is never pointless. If I fail, I will put in even more effort than the last time. I will do everything possible to create a life I can say I am proud of living. I will never give up, because I believe in myself. I believe I can beat this world at its own game. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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