This Is The Kind Of Boy You Should Stop Texting Back

A girl waiting for a text back
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Stop texting back the boy who lets you lead every conversation. Who either waits for you to switch the topic to something more interesting or lets the conversation die.

Stop texting back the boy who gives bullshit excuses after going missing in action. Who repeatedly gives you the same spiel about how it took him so long to answer you because his phone died and he forgot to bring his charger with him. 

Stop texting back the boy who gives you one-word answers unless he has something that he wants to talk about. Who expects you to listen to his long rants, but the second you have something important to tell him, he clams up.

Stop texting back the boy who you have to think about double texting because he makes you wait hours, sometimes days, for an answer. Who sometimes doesn’t even answer at all.

Stop texting back the boy who blows up your phone one day and then ignores you the next day. Who switches between acting like you are the only one he wants to talk to and acting like you are completely invisible.

Stop texting back the boy who only answers you after midnight. Who only answers when he is drunk. Who only answers when he wants you to come over at the last second so you can climb into his bed. 

Stop texting back the boy who only associates with you over the phone. Who claims he misses you and acts like he cannot wait to hang out with you in person, but never actually makes plans to do that.

Stop texting back the boy who makes you initiate every conversation. Who will go weeks without talking to you, unless you decide to send the first text.

Stop texting back the boy who acts like he’s too busy to send texts back and forth with you all day long, even though you have seen him posting nonstop on Instagram and Snapchat. Who has a list of priorities where you are at the bottom.

Stop texting back the boy who finds a way to turn every single conversation sexual. Who only talks to you to sext and ask you to send nudes, because he clearly sees you as someone he wants to sleep with, not someone he wants to date. 

Stop texting back the boy who never gives you a straight answer. Who dodges your questions about where he is and who he is with, because he doesn’t want you to know that much personal information about him — or because he is with another girl and doesn’t want you to know you aren’t the only one.

Stop texting back the boy who makes you wonder why you’re being ignored. Who makes you feel like you are doing something wrong, even though you have been trying your hardest to get him to like you.

Stop texting back the boy who refuses to put in as much effort as you have. Who clearly doesn’t appreciate all you have to offer. TC mark

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