9 Things Intelligent Girls Never Give A Fuck About

An intelligent girl
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1. She doesn’t give a fuck about how many friends she has.

She might not have a million friends, but she has close friends. True friends. An to her, quality matters more than quantity. She would rather have three friends who would die for her than thirty friends who only keep in touch when they need something.

2. She doesn’t give a fuck about her relationship status.

From time to time, she gets lonely just like anybody else, but she isn’t foolish enough to believe a relationship would solve all of her problems. She knows love isn’t the most important thing in the universe. She is doing perfectly fine on her own. She doesn’t need another person to make her feel complete. She already feels that way.

3. She doesn’t give a fuck about hurting people who hurt her first.

She is too smart to let you walk over her, to let you take advantage of her kindness. If you prove you are poisonous to her, then she is going to cut you out of her world. She is going to leave you, block you, and forget you exist. She won’t even feel guilty about it, because she knows she’s doing the right thing for herself.

4. She doesn’t give a fuck about looking like a bitch.

She speaks her mind. She stands up for what she believes in. She never censors herself. She never changes her opinion based on who is around. If that makes her look like a bitch, that is okay. At least she is authentic.

5. She doesn’t give a fuck about drama.

She doesn’t get mixed up in sketchy situations. She has enough stress in her life. She doesn’t need to surround herself with people who are always searching for trouble. She prefers peace and quiet.

6. She doesn’t give a fuck about the weather.

She doesn’t want any heyyy texts either. If you’re going to start a conversation with her, she wants to talk about something with substance. Something that matters. She isn’t interested in idle chitchat. It bores her.

7. She doesn’t give a fuck about anyone who treats her poorly.

When someone cheats on her or lies to her or breaks her heart, she doesn’t blame herself. She doesn’t question what she did wrong. She realizes that the poor treatment has nothing to do with her. She realizes that she deserves better and she needs to move the hell on with her life.

8. She doesn’t give a fuck about gender roles.

If she wants to become CEO of a major company, she will become CEO. If she wants to raise three children, she will raise three children. If she wants to do both, she will do both. This isn’t the 18th century anymore. She lets herself dream big.

9. She doesn’t give a fuck what you say about her.

She knows that only one opinion matters — her own. You could call her unattractive or uninteresting or unintelligent and it wouldn’t bother her in the least. She isn’t stupid. She knows the truth. She knows her valueThought Catalog Logo Mark

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