She Gets Attached Easily Because She Has A Soft Heart

Girl who gets attached easily
Unsplash / Kaylee Eden

She gets attached easily because she never holds herself back. She lets herself feel instead of shoving her emotions deep down in her chest. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She says what she means. She is the definition of authenticity.

She gets attached easily because she is a giver. She is the happiest when she is helping others. That is why she always wants to give away her heart. Her attention. Her time. Her energy. She believes that other people deserve it because she sees the best in them while others only see the worst.

She gets attached easily because she has a distinctive personality. When she comes across someone whose mind works in the same way as hers does, she holds on tightly. She doesn’t want to let them go, because meeting someone who shares her view on this world is rare.

She gets attached easily because it does not take much for her to fall for someone. Little things mean a lot to her. A tiny bit of kindness can convince her that someone is worth keeping around, that they deserve a place in her world.

She gets attached easily because she hates being by herself for too long. She cannot rest easy when she is sleeping alone. She prefers to be around people. She wants to have someone to text, someone to talk to, someone to hold close. She wants someone she can rely on so the world feels a little less scary.

She gets attached easily because she knows what it’s like to be left behind and she doesn’t want anyone else to feel that way because of her. She doesn’t want to cause any pain. She only wants to bring peace and stability and familiarity.

She gets attached easily because she has big dreams for her future. When she meets someone special, she can’t stop herself from picturing what they could create together. The life they could build together. The lifelong relationship they could shape together.

She gets attached easily because she can see someone’s worth when they cannot see it themselves. She sees through their darkness and focuses on their light. She knows that they matter, even when they do not realize it themselves.

She gets attached easily because she has a good judge of character. She knows what kind of people she wants in her universe. She knows what her standards are. She can tell whether someone is going to be worth her time or is going to be a waste of her time.

She gets attached easily because she loves the idea of love. She dreams about candlelit dinners on the beach and handwritten notes written on the fridge. About tropical vacations together and wearing matching rings. She wants to be loved like she matters. 

She gets attached easily because she has a soft heart. Because she cares about other people more than she cares about herself. Because she knows how valuable love is and wants to experience it firsthand. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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