Even The Strongest Girls End Up Falling For Assholes

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Even the strongest girls end up falling for boys who take hours to send texts back, boys who pick and choose when to contact them, boys who treat them worse than they deserve.

Even the strongest girls get stuck in dating games. They stare at their phone and wonder when the next text is going to come through. They get dressed up and hope that their crush doesn’t cancel again. They hate themselves for caring so much about some stupid boy when they’re supposed to be independent.

Even the strongest girls fuck up. They end up with boys who couldn’t care less about them. Boys who treat them as a backup plan instead of a first priority. Boys who use them when it’s convenient and leave whenever they want.

Even the strongest girls have moments (or even months) of weakness where they let their feelings eclipse their common sense. Where they listen to their hearts over their heads. Where they decide that they want to pursue the object of their desire, no matter what it will cost them — even if it’s their dignity, their self-respect, and their self-worth.

Even the strongest girls lower their standards when they feel like they have found the person they are supposed to be dating. They take a chance on someone who might disappoint them, who might let them down, because they believe that the reward outweighs the risk. They believe that something great could happen if they get together.

Even the strongest girls let love distract them. They have trouble focusing on what’s important because a certain boy is in the back of their mind. They stop caring about the things that really matter in their world because they are preoccupied with him and what he thinks.

Even the strongest girls daydream about living happily ever after with the love of their life. They are capable of surviving on their own, but they think about how nice it would be to find their forever person. To spend eternity with someone who cares about them more than anything else.

Even the strongest girls doubt themselves. They question why the boy they have given everything to has been acting so distant. They wonder what they could have done differently to make him like them more. They let their insecurities overshadow all of their positive traits.

Even the strongest girls cry over boys. They listen to sad songs that remind them of him. They curse him out to their friends. They stay in bed for longer than they should when they feel like there’s no point in getting up in the morning.

Even the strongest girls end up in toxic relationships — even though they realize they have something special to offer. That they are a real catch. That they deserve so much more than that boy was ever willing to give them.

Even the strongest girls fall for assholes. Even the strongest girls end up in toxic relationships. Even the strongest girls have their hearts shattered into a million pieces. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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