These Women Described Themselves Like Male Authors Would And Their Tweets Are Hilarious AF

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For centuries, male authors have been describing women in their books and it has been very, very… bad. Horrible, honestly. And it’s not like we haven’t noticed — in fact, many woman have taken to making fun of the unrealistic (and often sexist) way men describe female characters in their novels and poetry.

Twitter user Jonathan Franzia decided to make a joke out of the awful description but asking women on Twitter to describe themselves the way a male author would.

And the brave women of Twitter certainly took up that challenge — and god, everything they wrote is pure gold.

I especially like the descriptions that compare women to food, because for some reason, it feels accurate.

Other woman had trouble trying to describe the pure disinterest men had in them.

Perhaps a picture is worth a thousand words?

Don’t worry, male writers — if you’re planning on writing a book that includes female characters and are worried about what this thread might say about you, we have a handy little trick you can use:

How would you describe yourself if you were a male author? Keep the comments coming, please. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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