Cynthia Nixon Wants To Legalize Weed For This Very Important Reason

'Sex and the City' Star Cynthia Nixon in her latest campaign video for New York governor
Youtube / @CynthiaNixon

Last month, Sex and the City star announced she’d be running against Andrew Cuomo for New York governor in the upcoming election. One of her biggest platforms? She wants to legalize weed in New York, and for a good reason.

On Wednesday, Nixon posted this video on Twitter explaining her position on marijuana legalization:

According to Nixon, “the use of marijuana has effectively been legal” for white people for a long time. However, that’s not the case for People of Color, that’s not necessarily the case. Nixon explained:

“There are a lot of good reasons for legalizing marijuana, but for me, it comes down to this: We have to stop putting people of color in jail for something that white people do with impunity.”

It makes sense. According to some statistics, 86 percent of people arrested for possession of marijuana are Black or Latinx. But let’s be honest here — we all know plenty of white people who smoke weed. They just don’t suffer the same consequences.

Nixon ended her video with one last question to the public: “Isn’t it time we legalize it for everyone else?”

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